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Fabled Valkyrus


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[quote name='Rainbow Dash' timestamp='1321069467' post='5634167']
It's a level 8 with 2900 ATK.
Of course I run this is Fableds.
It's such a good tech, but... I wish there was space for it and Volca ;_;

[quote name='AggroDrago' timestamp='1321069618' post='5634172']
Better options. Not the best idea to run. No I do not run this.

Leviathan is better.

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[quote name='AggroDrago' timestamp='1321069824' post='5634181']
You're helpful. you know that?
Indeed =3

To elaborate:

Level 8
2900 Beater
With Kushano, it effectively Discards Cerburrel/Ganashia to draw, and it can also dump Krus. It's also able to set off Grimro.

Lv. 10 (Possible, too many resources in Fableds to be worth it)
3000 Beater
It refunds 3 monsters when destroyed, but when doing it right, you won't have it destroyed...

That being said, space is a b**** =|

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