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[MTG] Grand Architect


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[center]Blue Lord for 3 mana. Sign me up already. Oh, it also turns Artifact Creatures blue so that they get the boost? Cool, even better. Oh, looks, it also makes Blue creatures Sol Rings for artifacts. Amazing card. Discuss.[/center]

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[quote name='Niv-Mizzet' timestamp='1321485890' post='5647185']
Pretty much, but he bought 3 more Hellkites.

My friend Bought 2 Event Decks...
At first I was like....WHY...(well there was a good reason as the OP card is quite hard to get and expensive here...yeah)...
Anyways I shut my mouth when he reminded me Decks came with 2 Glacial Fortress that I can use...so yeah...XD

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