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How would card rules effect.........


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See I was using this card in a mock battle. My friend uses Bottomless Trap Hole.

I'll post the Card Description here:

[i]"Chaos Lord Kitsune" + 1 or more tuner-type monsters[/i]
[i]When this card is summoned, add 9 Fox Tail Tokens to this card. When this card is targeted, remove a Fox Tail Counter to change the Target to an opponent's monster, or to negate an attack. When this card declares an Attacks, remove 1 fox tail counter. Increase this cards attack by 500 for every counter removed this way. At the end Phase, add 1 Fox Tail Counter for every "Chaos Lord Kitsune" "Chaos Beast Odokuro" and "Champion of Chaos on the Field.[/i]

Is Kitsune destroyed? or is he able to counter with his effect beforehand?

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[quote name='Sempaisama' timestamp='1321321155' post='5642424']

I used this card in the same mock battle, is it possible to activate his tribute effect during the opponent's turn?

You should direct your questions to the TCG Q&A Forum for questions on rulings like these.

Unless your effect specifically states "You can activate this effect during your opponent's turn", this effect (for your card) is ALWAYS treated as an Ignition effect. Therefore, you cannot activate it during your opponent's turn.

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So you're making your own cards and you're still tripping over your own effects? Seriously YCM, for anyone else, this might be a new low but for here it's just a comfortable middle.

[quote]Bottomless Trap Hole does not target. Therefore, your friend can use it to destroy your monster and Banish it. You will not be able to target your opponent's monster using this card's effect. [/quote]


Also, I may be incorrect on this, but I'm fairly certain that since a chain resolves backwards, Kitsune won't have any counters on him anyway. He's summoned, his effect to add counters activates, opponent chains bottomless. Bottomless RFG's him, because there are no counters on it to protect it.

But then again I haven't played in forever so I might not know if that's 100 percent accurate.

[quote]You should direct your questions to the TCG Q&A Forum for questions on rulings like these.[/quote]
Is that what they use it for? I thought it was for any generic question.

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