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elemental hero deck

Masta Jacka

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I've been making an e-hero deck, and I've been looking for some advice
this is what I have so far:

[u]Monsters: x19[/u]
x1 Stratos
x2 Woodsman
x3 Clayman
x1 Wroughtweiler
x2 Wildheart
x2 Sparkman
x2 Avian
x3 Burstinatrix
x2 Bubbleman
x1 Marauding Captain

[u]Spells: x15[/u]
x3 E-Emergency Call
x2 Fusion Recovery
x2 Magical Mallet
x1 Skyscraper
x3 Polymerization
x2 Fusion Sage

[u]Traps: x7[/u]
x1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
x3 Hero Signal
x1 Negate Attack
x1 Relieve Monster
x1 Mirror Force

[u]Fusions: x10[/u]
x1 Mariner
x1 Mudballman
x2 Rampart Blaster
x1 Steam Healer
x1 Thunder Giant
x1 Wild Wingman
x2 Flame Wingman
x1 Gaia

these are the cards i actually own, I know that Miracle Fusion, King of the Swamp, etc. are useful but I don't have them ( I may buy/trade them for a reasonable price)

the deck is a work in progress, and I'd like to hear any worthwhile comments

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Well, for one thing, I can't really make many edits, since you seem to have a tight budget / don't have many e-heroes.
What ya have is what ya have...
If this were a DN deck, I'd direct ya over to Miracle heroes...
But for this...
After future buying/trading, what will the deck start to shape like? (i.e what cards will you be getting?)

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Ahhh, so this is an IRL "I built the whole thing under 20$" sort of deck.
You know, it's not that hard to get yourself 3 Giant Rats, Earth Hex, and another Wildheart.
Why yes, I am giving you the general Rat-Hero concept, because you apparently want to spam, non-Omni, E-HERO Fusions.

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