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Really could use some good cnc with this one


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Netherealm Reaper

Level 7 / DARK

Fiend / Effect

During your End Phase, if 2 or more DARK monsters were banished from your Graveyard during this turn: You can Special Summon this card (from your hand). You can discard 1 card: Target 1 banished DARK monster; Banish 1 face-up monster on the field with a Level equal to the targeted monsters. The effect of "Netherealm Reaper" can only be activated once per turn.

2500 / 0


So what I need help with is that I can't figure out what state this card is in (brokenness wise etc. etc.). And if it is broken and whatnot, how should I balance it, or should I even try to balance it all (like, is it possible to balance it at all without losing playability).

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Wise, the most you can do with more than one is Spam the field, "Once per turn" clause balance it, and it's not so difficult to Summon.

Can you select your opponent's Banished DARK monsters right? I believe it states that, is cool.

Not much to say, I feel this card wise and like the fact is a Fiend monster ;3 cuddles for that

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It's one of those cards that's going to end up being a dead draw fairly consistently, but in cases in which it CAN be pulled off successfully it'll cost your opponent much more than it'll cost you. In the cases that it's dead, it's obviously worse for you than your opponent.


I'm glad that you brought this up as I consider these types of effects to have caused a more damaging impact on the game than anything else. They're similar to coin toss effects, which have potential to give the player an overpowered effect (such as Cup of Ace) for being lucky, but punishes you only with the possibility that it might activate an extremely underpowered effect.


Personally, I'd do my best to avoid using these types of effects. Balance should be weighed based on potential cost-to-benefit ratios. A chance to win the game instantly is not justified by an equal chance to lose the game instantly. Ideally, players obtain an advantage through skill, and so differences in cards' powers should be solely related to skill.

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