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Half-Naked Ladies and Horns(Barbaros FL.dek)

Resident Fascist

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[quote name='Shard' timestamp='1321407200' post='5645215']
Very First draft.

3 dark
3 light
3 water
1 fire
2 veiler
3 barbaros

3 Future Visions
2 Terraform
5 staples
2 Fortune's future
3 duality

2 warning
1 judgment
3 horn of phantom beast

2 Barbaros is enough.
no to horn.
Needs tragoedia.
idk about bls.
1 Terra is enough.
Needs dustshoot/mirror or torrential/judgment
and possibly gold sarco

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[quote name='Dog King' timestamp='1321454684' post='5646191']
No its not lol
Name me a single case where it would be better than Skill Drain or something. Before you say "this deck", Fortune Ladies have barely any synergy with Visions, and even less with Barbaros. So yeah.

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