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3,600 Is a Lonely Number [Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union]


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Possibly the most Specific Fusion Requirements besides Electrum. But Electrum is actually useful.

Discuss, cause he'll never get any love.

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The fact it can nom on more then 1 monster, and monsters on the Opponent's side at that, makes it pretty hilarious.

[quote name='Twilight Sparkle' timestamp='1321511421' post='5648185']
Some manga reason that I believe Armz knows.[/quote]
No, not manga, it was in the anime.
Super Conductor Tyrano let you declare any number, and divide it's ATK by that amount, and it could attack that many times.
Stealth Union's Fusion Materials had an "optional" part to it, in which you could include another monster you control as part of the materials, and Stealth Union would gain that monster's effect.
So of course, in order for Syrus and Tyrano to beat Ice and Thunder-Ninjas, they used Conductor's effect to declare 2, and then it could attack twice.
So why this card ended up with Conductor's effect, I don't know.

...It's something like that, though they never really explained it the whole way in the dub.

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