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Welche the crab

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[quote name='Welche' timestamp='1322172180' post='5663143']
Oh damn totally forgot tricycles, but Fajals are horrible. They take over way to quick and I don't know how to make them.
[/quote]yeah they're very fast
I was like "Oh rodrigo get a sheldon fsjal avi kthnx" then Cursed Reaction joined in.
You don't make them, you google them or something lol
I am nine
I have a tricycle

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I don't YCMeme. I make my own cause I'm a rebel.









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crystal beasts are the best deck
Gets me everytime if used as a sarcastic statement.

I also like "what if my face-down is a [b]SANGAN[/b]" and the Z-One images.

And for the least favourite altough I'm not sure it was a YCMeme, but the period where everyone was spewing quotes from YGO the Abridged series. It was so terrible.
Oh, and the typing backwards is annoying as well.

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