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J-Max's Card of the Day Reviews! (Please make Suggestions!)


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With the Advanced Clause now in full effect, I have decided to write a more Detailed review for a Card every day. I will of course be going very in-depth and I will be brutally honest with my opinions. I will be judging in 5 Key Areas

[b]Name[/b]: Just how well does your Card Name fit with the Effect & Picture? Sometimes simple is extremely effective.

[b]Picture[/b]: The heart of any Card in Realistic. It's the first thing that most people will look at. This isn't scored very highly but a nice image starts you off great.

[b]OCG[/b]: I won't go Grammar Nazi on you but I will do my best to correct any basic OCG errors on your card and offer my own advice.

[b]Balance[/b]: You may excel at everything else but it's all down to balance. Just how would your created Card affect today's Metagame.

[b]J-Max's Wildcard[/b]: If I spot anything that sticks out that doesn't meet the above Criteria, i'll be sure to mention it.

I will only give a Numerical score if the designer suggests it or I can gladly let them know via PM. So.... Who would like their card reviewed first? Review will be wrote at 9:30 pm GMT and should be complete in a hour and a half. Remember that only cards in the last 24 Hours will be considered. Also if you have any suggestions for this Topic then please let me know.

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Yeah, but unfortunately for you I'm also terribly afraid of the laziness effect. By getting it offered to you, the writing part is exclusively and clicking links for what you "like" basically making it mechanical on your part. Please do not try and find your way around it. Do your own observations and look on your own, or don't do it at all.

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