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YuGiOh PD!


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Ok this is just the a fanfic to begin with.


Disclaimer: I don't own anything, not even the comp i am currently using. + anything that resembles anything in the series was not my fault and purely chance. (Hey at least someone cares about you.) No animals were harmed during the production.



Chapter 1:


"Okkkkkkkk" a shout went up in campus.

"Who wants some?" Charcoal screamed in the hallway. "Who wants to duel the one and only spirit of fire Charcoal Blaze."

"Hey Charcoal!" someone said behind him.


A tall, tan guy stood behind Charcoal. He carried a duel disk and a couple of roses.


"What are you trying to do with those Aman?" Charcoal asked Aman, Aman Rukane was Charcoals good friend and frankly an average duelist.

"Well i want to challenge Zika to a duel and maybe take her out on a date when i win" Aman replied.

"gugh! You have been at it all year always saying you would challenge her but then again always backing out when you see her." Charcoal replied.

"It's not like I am afraid to ask her it's that I have only one shot to-" but Aman couldn't finish as a voice interrupted.


"One shot at what?" Zika Shuro asked.

"At wining against you in a duel" Aman replied.

"Really!" Zika sounded amused. "Back of you'll only get hurt." And with that she walked off.


"Crash and burn dude!" Charcoal told Aman. "Better luck with someone else. Let's go to Cantaburry for a quick drink and settle that mood of yours."

"Ofcourse i will be the one paying" Aman replied.

"Dam straight that's what friends are for!" Charcoal said with one of his Maniacal smiles.



(they go to Cantaburry a sweet little cafe with that board saying we are the best when they are not and all that.)


"Hey Charcoal i wanna duel you!" a huge guy announced. "And if i win i want that priced card of yours if i lose i'll let your friend go."

"Which friend?" Aman asked.


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O.... k....


Where to start with this?


Well the title, I guess. Any explanation on what PD is supposed to stand for?


As for the first 'chapter':



All chapters must be at least 2 pages in MS Word with single spacing, standard margins, and size 11 Arial font. This applies to all fics, regardless of being serial or one-off.


Is miles short.



Alice: Hey, Bob! What's up?

Bob: Nothing special, Alice.

Fics written like this are forbidden, for they show little to no description of the setting and characters. However, full-blown theatrical screenplays with stage directions and all are allowed, provided they could theoretically be given to two random people on the street and be acted out without any confusion.


Well it might as well be a script really. It's just a list of people speaking in a very over-the-top way, and generally acting very theatrical.

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