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Yin's December Render Shop


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Starting at Midnight (GMT) December 1st 2011 and no earlier, I will be taking orders for renders for one month. I hope to complete orders by 1st January, this might not always be possible due to prior volunteering commitments up until 22nd Dec (when I finish my 7:30pm Thursday finishes where I volunteer)


Cost: Free

All orders must provide a working image in the post or URL.




I have the right to refuse any renders I deem that I cannot do, or cannot produce the quality that I have maintained during my rendering.

I also have the right to refuse orders of any customers who I feel have excessively harrassed me for their order to be completed.

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^.^ I know this may be a lot, and I am sorry.

This is everything I can think of for now, I need them for my collection binders. [i like to have my fav[s] monsters on a cover page for each sections EX:Fiends,Machines,Fairys.



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