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screw this deck


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x3 Light

x3 Dark

x2 Water

x3 Birdman

x3 D.D. Spirte

x2 Rai-Mei

x1 Kinka-Byo

x1 BLS-EotB


x3 Duality

x2 Mst

x2 Hand Destruction (lol seems weird but since I have good hand advantage here seems okay)

x1 Dark Hole

x1 Reborn

x1 Heavy

x1 Foolish

x1 One for One


x2 Warning

x2 Compulsory

x2 Call

x1 Judgment

x1 Mirror

x1 Torrential

x1 Dustshoot


x1 Formula

x1 Armory Arm

x1 Catastor

x1 Brionac

x1 Orient

x1 Gaia

x1 Scrap Archfiend

x1 Black Rose

x1 Stardust

x1 Scrap

x1 Colossal

x1 Trish

x1 Leviathan

x1 Leviair

x1 Lavalval Chain


first deck test was against welches watts

from a field of rai mei and birdman to his stardust, watt chimera, face down wattfox and messanger peace and 4900 lp

was this in the end


next turn he was going to topdeck wattgiraffe which would of won him the game

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It doesn't work with birdman? LOOKS LIKE I WON THAT DUEL B****!


No, of course it doesn't work. Birdman bounces monsters as a cost. That's why the Gallis, Birdman, Koaki Doom FTK works. Since it's a cost, it misses the timing.


In fact, being a cost means it's not a card effect, as Dark Worlds would tell you, so it's not even a case of missing the timing.

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The key point is that I was sitting there hoping for a pro topdeck in my July 2010 Watts when he OTKs me. That card at the top of my graveyard? That was my next draw. i was gonna win.

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I suggest Tengu because Tengu is good in any deck.


Also, why the f*** do you care? Just gonna randomly spam a thread with that? Are you retarded or something?


People complain about me talking about T1 Quasar -> Someone posts the same pic of his watts beating quasar like 1000 times without anyone caring. lolycm

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