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blieve in loc ness  

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I do believe in it.


It doesn't have to be a dinosaur you know. It could be a species of seal or eel. Or perhaps even a large amphibian that we have not yet discovered.


Ever heard of the Okapi? It was a legend that was proven. What about that supposedly extinct fish they found? Anything's possible.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

I believe that it is certainly possible for the Loch Ness Monster to exist, simply because there is no proof that it can't. No one knows its diet, no one knows its requirements for water... simply because we haven't yet tried to observe it. I don't get why people don't just send an unmanned submarine into Loch Ness to find out for themselves. I'll believe one way or the other when someone's explored the lake in its entirety and not found it. And then there's always the possibility that it used to be alive, but is dead now... I don't know, but when there's no proof against something, the odds are for it. Giant squids,cœlicanths, and okapi are living proof of what happens when a possibly plausible myth is refuted.

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