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Fpsbrain: drug for Gamers?


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Germany company Tomarni recently introduced FpsBrain, which it says was designed to “cater to the growing demand for performance improvement in electronic sports.” Simply put, FpsBrain may be the world’s first performance-enhancing drug – or dietary supplement, if you feel more comfortable with that term – for professional and competitive gaming. Tormani claims (with a “110% money back guarantee”) that FpsBrain will enhance players’ reaction time and concentration without causing shaky hands, caffeine jitters and other side effects typically attributed to energy drinks such as Red Bull or Monster. Of course, the pills take about 60 minutes to start working, so be sure to pop them before you take off your warm-ups for that big LAN party competition.


FpsBrain comes in sealed bottle with 60 pills, and Tomarni recommends taking two pills a day. According to the company, the pills are not mentally or physically addictive and only server to facilitate communication between brain cells while increasing the brain’s absorption of oxygen. The company claims that the product was tested by experienced PC gamers and is currently being used by unnamed profession gamers.


Currently, FpsBrain is only available in Europe (I guess the FDA here in the States hasn’t had a chance to get their game on). One bottle of 60 pills goes for 19.90 EUR, or around $30.





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This won't last. Jack Thompson will be all over this before too long.


Jacktard Tompson is against violence in videogames' date=' not "preformance enhancing" drugs, as far as I know.


It's possible he'd link something like this to violence in video games, like people on drugs while playing video games were more likely to become violent and copy things from video games, or something stupid like that.

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