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Why should I only run exodia if I have all 5?


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I waited forever to get the other 4 after I got Right Arm from a DB1, so I made this to make fun of my wait.




Name: Forbidden Slap


Effect: Only activate if your opponent has 1200 Life Opints or more. Tribute 1 "Left Arm of the Forbidden One" on your side of the field to inflict 1100 damage to your opponent`s Life Points.


Here are some others based on the one above:



Name: Forbidden Punch


Effect: Only activate if your opponent has more Life Points remaining than you. Tribute 1 "Right Arm of the Forbidden One" to discard any amount of cards from your hand. Inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card discarded from your hand in this way.



Name: Forbidden Kick


Effect: Tribute 1 "Right Leg of the Forbidden One" and 1 other monster you control. Destroy 1 opponent`s Monster who has equal or less ATK than the combined ATK of the Tributed cards.

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Why should I waste my win condition on two situational burn cards or a worse Two-Pronged Attack?


That`s not the point of the OP`s cards.


I made them so, if they were real cards, people who didn`t have all 5 peices could still use the peices they have.

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Guest TheFinalFan

But the point of running Exodia is to have all 5 pieces, so you can use the alternate win condition.

And your cards don't provide much incentive to "use the pieces you have and not the ones you don't".

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