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Am i the only one that feel sick about this?

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hey can u print out cards


im afried i don't understand what you mean' date=' anyway i like the fact that there is are more Duels here then the old YuGiOh shaw, but the fact that Jaden take most of them really made the shaw sucks.



He meant can you print out cards you made which is SPAM so he spammed in your thread

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Fubuki did get 1 more duel in 173/174.

[spoiler=173/174]In which he loses.....still...but you get Red Eyes Wyvern in the episodes and a top class duel




Darkness also gets a a duel

[spoiler=177/178]In which he plays the same combo over and over and over




We see more of Yugi's deck

[spoiler=179/180]he duels Judai, common knowledge by now I guess




Manjoume and Kenzan pwn Judai for offscreen duels, I think Judai rapidly caught on Kenzan's 110+ offscreen duels. Judai duels did ruin the series.

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95 was epic. Not as epic as 163/164

[spoiler=163/164]163 Sho decided to take on Inotsume for Ryo after Ryo collapsed during the duel (Ryo was defending the Cyber Style against the Psycho Style (Jinzo), unfortunately his heart was still very weak when he took the request to duel after Inostume took out Samejima, and he considered Ryo the true successor to the style), Ryo's only request to his brother was not to make him forfeit. 164 was Sho using the Cyber Darks and becoming what they required (They'd been shocking Ryo) and completely blew his opponent away with CDD + Dragonroid + Powerbond + (Dimension Fusion + Spell Economics to get CDD components out)




Sho and Bucky needed more duels (even with Fubuki's awesome duel in 173/174), screw Judai. Edo was ok awesome during 166


[spoiler=165/166]Edo became Manjoume's coach as requested by Chronos, unfortunately Manjoume became the scape goat of a plan to steal Dragoon D End, which ended in Edo quitting the Pro League. Edo was then forced to duel Manjoume or Mike (who stole the card) would redraw funding from an orphanage Edo supported. Edo lost against Manjoume (the final hit was Ojama Yellow), but it was still a very good duel



[spoiler=173/174]I keep mentioning the duel so I'll post a spoiler for it. 173 - Mr.T and Truman took out everyone in the school excluding Fubuki (Johan and Judai were still on the way back from Domino), leaving Fubuki with no memories of those lost, although Darkness brings the memories back (showing Fubuki everyone's darkness at the same time) giving Fubuki the courage to continue, he calls out for Darkness and ends up getting 'Darkness' (Fujiwara possessed by Darkness). Fujiwara wants Fubuki to join him, but Fubuki refuses repeatedly, Fubuki then tries to force a draw with Red Eyes Burn, but unfortunately, everything just before the activation of Burst Breath was an illusion created by Fujiwara to force Fubuki to reveal his darkness, (The regret of not being able to save Fujiwara) the duel carries on with Fujiwara casting Fubuki into the darkness using Clear Vice Dragon


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