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Rainbow Neos Deck (Hobby League)

How good is it?  

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  1. 1. How good is it?

    • Will win the tourney
    • Will make it to the Top
    • Will not make the Top
    • Only an idiot will use this deck!
    • I don't care...

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This a deck that I'm gonna use in the March 16, 2008 Hobby League tournament.



Rainbow Neos x3

EH Necroid Shaman (use Prisma to send Necroshade)



EH Neos x2

EH Neos Alius x3

EH Stratos

EH Necroshade x2

EH Prisma x3

Phantom of Chaos

King of the Swamp x3

Snipe Hunter

Rainbow Dragon x2


Spirit Reaper



Lightning Vortex x2

Emergency Call x2

Oversoul x2


Polymerization x3

Monster Reborn

Heavy Storm

Premature Burial

Pot of Avarice

Giant Trunade



Royal Decree x2

Solemn Judgment x2

Mirror Force

Bottomless Trap Hole

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I played in the hobby league and I came in 19/29. The last round, I got cheated by a Exodia deck.


Round 1: DD Deck (Lost 0W-2L)

Round 2: Gadget Deck (Won 2W-0L)

Round 3: Light Attribute Deck (Won 2W-1L)

Round 4: Exodia Deck (1W-2L) I got cheated that time! Exodia shoud stay Forbidden!

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Mine was top 16. So I was close. King of the swamp is only used to bring out poly. Necroid shaman is only used to reveal him so I can send necroshade to the grave so I can normal summon neos automatically. What you guys don't get is that the exodia deck beat me in 1 turn! It was a exodia otk deck.


Btw, I can't complain about this deck. At least it's better than the crystal beast/rainbow neos deck. I can summon rainbow neos on my first turn everytime. Rainbow neos is a good card, you just say bc it has neos as a fusion material.

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First, I suggest you take out 1 EH Neos Alius and 1 King of the Swamp and put in 2 EH wildhearts. This will allow you to use Prisma more effectivly.


Second, I would remove the Royal Decree's and replace them With EH based traps. Royal Decree is nice but if you want to use the other traps that you have, you might want to reconsider it.


But hey, that is my personal opinion.

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