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A Guide to YCM's Point System

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At the request of Dramatic Crossroad, this is a tutorial for newer members (and some of the veterans who may be returning from a long absence from YCM) on how our point system works and what do you use said points for. 


The point system is essentially YCM's currency system. Much like in real life, you can use these points to do things here. 


How do we get points?


There are two ways you receive points: Posting (which is probably the most common method of doing so) and Donations (you get some from another member for whatever reason).


You may also get points via the Scratch Off item in the YCM Shop tab. More on this later. 


How many points come from posting?


You get 25 points for creating a thread and 10 point for making a regular post. Unlike MyBB YCM, you do not get points for making a Poll. 


In terms of posting, note that you get points ONLY in sections which have post count enabled. Some forums do not add posts to your overall total, in turn, will not boost your point total. Such areas include Games/Spam, Joke Cards, Clubs/Organizations and the planning areas in Fanfic/RP. 


You get 1 point for every reply made in your thread, so get people to reply on your stuff + it'll add up over time. 


What are points good for?


You can use points to do any of the following things.

  • Contests within the Custom Cards section (either as an entry fee or prizes). Note that some contests do offer free entries, but some charge a small fee.
  • Buy some things in the Graphics section (however, some shops do orders for free nowadays; this is mostly relegated to Requests)
  • Buy stuff in the YCM Shop Tab (at the top right of page). You can change your username, colors of your topic and as mentioned earlier, "gamble" to get more points or something. Keep in mind items here are quite expensive (there are some free items, however). 
  • Request for mods to change your name, update profile music, new member groups and so on. 
  • Give people a donation of sorts (see first two bullets)

How to donate points?


Go to a member's profile and click on the "Donate Points" button; then the Quick Donate one. You should get a pop-up menu asking: Who you want to donate to, how much do you plan to give them and why you're doing it. 


In terms of the third one, it's usually for contest entries, prize money for CC contest winners, tip money for a request in GFX being done or whatever you want.)




Well, this should sum up everything that needs to be explained about the point system.

If you have any questions, comments or whatever, feel free to leave them here. 

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The sections with post count disabled are listed in above post; otherwise they should be mentioned in the forum somewhere. I don't recall seeing any other forums with the lock.


Should edit that section about points, since Any Other Cards DOES have post count re-enabled [but the Joke Card section is post count locked].

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