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YCM Advanced Card Designs Rules << UPDATED: 9/3/2018 >>

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The following rules apply for the entirety of the Advanced Cards forum, except for YGOPro (as it has its own rulebook). 


Please read them before posting. 





1. Overall rules apply

This should be self-explanatory; any general site rules such as behavioral standards and so forth will apply in addition to the section specifics listed underneath. You may reference the rulebook as a forum-wide announcement at the top of the section or here.

If one of us gives you a command (either to fix the main post with appropriate changes, correct the images, card name, etc.), you are expected to comply. Insubordination will be penalized accordingly.
2. Cards you make in this section are held to higher design standards.

Whatever you post in this section must be designed with the intent to function competitively, in addition to displaying a higher standard of design than in Casual Cards (which is above this area).


You do not have to be an expert on the metagame, nor does your card have to be at the same level as commonly seen Decks at the time of posting, but it must be designed to function in the modern state (at least be able to function somewhat in it). 

Members who post in this section must provide some explanation for their design. Refer to the Advanced Clause (rule 5) for more details.


Poorly designed cards that are blatantly broken are subject to being moved to Casual Cards as appropriate. 


3. All threads are subject to critique / comments.

By posting your cards in the section, you are permitting other users to comment on them as necessary. This also includes giving "critique" (or things that you should fix with your cards).

Even if you do not agree with the comments people give, you are expected to respect them and be grateful that they took the time to look at your work. Either thank them in the thread, or just like their post. Please remember that members are under no obligation to review your work.

Reviewers, while you are not required to give SPECIFICS on what to improve, you are still required to say something meaningful about the cards themselves. (See the Advanced Clause)
4. Default formats for CC.


The default list for CC is TCG hybrid, which is defined as the current TCG list with any OCG cards added on as necessary.

If you wish to design solely for one format (TCG or OCG), you need to make it clear in the opening post or thread title. However, it is unlikely that many people will be designing with the OCG format in mind.

Formatting (Master Rule)

At present, Custom Cards uses Master Rule 4 (or VRAINS format) as its default standard. However, due to the changes made in VRAINS with regards to the playing field and other mechanics (and to accommodate all users), CC caters to two separate formats.

They are defined as thus.


Separate monster zones for Extra Deck monsters, Pendulum Zones moved to the S/T area, Link format.

LEGACY: ARC-V mechanics (Master Rule 3)

Defined as no segregated monster zones for monsters summoned from the Extra Deck, Pendulums have their own areas on the side between Monster / Spell & Trap Cards.

Cyberse monsters are permitted for LEGACY if they do not deal with the Extra Monster Zone or anything pertaining to Links.

If you are designing cards for the Legacy format, you NEED to tag your threads (either as a thread tag or noted in the title).

There will be no penalty if you don't tag your thread, it means that your cards will be graded on how they interact in the VRAINS environment (which may differ dramatically from how they'd do in the ARC-V generation). If you wish to have your card graded for both formats, make sure you mention this in the main post.

Please respect the format tags and grade the works accordingly. This means don’t talk about Link design in a legacy thread, keep discussion relevant to the TCG unless the thread creator wishes for comments on both formats, etc.


5. The Advanced Clause is strictly enforced in this section.
Below, you may find a detailed explanation.

[spoiler=Advanced Clause]
Moderators are exempt from following the Advanced Clause while performing forum duties in the section. All members must abide by the Advanced Clause, regardless of their post count.


I. Post length and general required content.


Reviews must be no shorter than 35-40 words.
You must explain why you feel a card is good or bad and point out specific examples related to interactions with cards within an Archetype/series or the general card pool. If you point out combos, make sure you can realistically do them without expending unnecessary effort. Consequently, you should at least be familiar with the current game and card pool before coming in here. 
Asking questions about the card's usability and overall function if it isn't completely obvious from wording is permitted, and will fall under the AC (however you still must meet the word requirement). You can grade the card based on what you assume it does, then make an adjusted judgment once the thread creator confirms their intent.  
General remarks
Please make sure you write your reviews properly, meaning with: Proper capitalization, fonts/colors that are readable on YCM's skin (at least the standard white one) and in a manner that everyone can understand. Use complete sentences when needed, and DON'T treat this like social media. 

You are not required to have perfect English grammar (for those who have another language as their mother tongue), but make sure we can understand what you're trying to say. (If you have to use Google Translate, then do it).


Posting tone and mentality


How do I put this in the most direct terms? Don't be a jackass when responding to other members / giving a review in threads.


While you are given free reign to review as needed, it does not give you a license to use inflammatory language towards their design, nor does it give you as the thread creator to engage in the same type of behavior. We're all here to post cards/reviews and improve ourselves, not to be harassed and getting into flame wars. 


Treat the thread creator / reviewers with the same respect that you would like being shown on this site and post in a proper manner. 



Behaving in an uncivil towards other users in this section shall result in harsh warn points and in more severe cases, potential section or forum ban for a period of time as deemed necessary.


II. Posts containing the following will NOT count towards the Advanced Clause, and will be penalized accordingly.
A. OCG or card grammar fixes
B. Rating or posting "good/bad card"
C. Talking about the card's image
D. Restating a card's purpose without any opinion of your own in regard to playability and design.
E. Tell a member to change their card without valid reasoning.
F. Other content that is classed as spamming (i.e. 1-2 word posts, shitposts, unrelated conversations)
G. Posts under the word requirement

You may do the things in A through C without penalty, provided that you give a proper review. Comments on OCG/grammar will count as a review if/only if it relates to how the card is to function, however you should give your own thoughts as well.
III. Posts should not be filled with content-less nonsense to meet the word requirement.
Elaborating on point C above, restating a card's purpose (aka "Captain Obvious" posts) will NOT count as a valid review under the Advanced Clause and will be penalized accordingly.
You may restate it in your own words if/only if it helps you to understand what you're dealing with, but you are required to write your own opinion about the card (and back it up with details) otherwise.
IV. Moderators reserve the right to drop in with a ruling on a card at any time.
If it is needed, a ruling may be dropped to clarify matters, however I suspect this will be a rare occurrence due to the disparity between TCG and OCG, despite this section being mostly TCG players.
At most, probably general assumptions if it isn't obvious.
V. The purpose of the Advanced Clause is meant to increase the QUALITY of posts, NOT quantity.
This is a section that thrives on card design and thought, so you should be putting a good deal of thought into a post, especially once you've been in the section for a while and know how you're supposed to act.
We aren't forcing you to write (collegiate) essays about a member's card (or your own), but this serves two purposes.
1. Help the user whose thread you're commenting on to improve their craft and make better cards in the future.

2. Gives you the opportunity to show that you at least know about general card design, the current card pool and/or potential interactions. While there is no way to gauge your precise knowledge, the main thing here is that you are aware of what exists and can write a qualitative assessment.

If you can write 2-3 complete sentences (generally), you should meet the requirements for both areas without issue. (Pointing out examples will definitely fill out the requirement)
VI. Penalties for breaking the Advanced Clause.
If you violate the Advanced Clause, the following punishments will apply.

  • 1st offense: Verbal warning.
  • 2nd offense: 3 point warning.
  • 3rd offense: 5 point warning. 
  • 4th/subsequent offense: 7 point warning (meaning your posting rights are stripped for 72 hours)

I reserve the right to modify these punishments to be more lenient/harsher as deemed necessary, based on the situation in which the rulebreaking occurred.

6. DIVINE monsters


Effective 4/17/2018, NEW Divine-Beast and DIVINE Attribute monsters are permitted in Advanced Cards. SUPPORT cards that are non-DIVINE or Divine-Beast have always been permitted in this section.


While you do have free reign in designing whatever cards you want with this new Type/Attribute, they are still subject to the same design standards as other cards (and must carry the appropriate notes)


7. Threads in the Other TCG section must be tagged with the card game you are designing for.
Even if it's obvious what game your cards come from, you must mark your thread either with the game written in a forum tag in title (or use one of the topic tags provided).
8. Posting cards in another member's thread is forbidden.
If you want your cards to be seen, make your own thread for it. Don't post them in another member's thread, as this is considered topic hijacking, which is classified under spam and will be penalized accordingly.
If you are in a collaboration project, then you may post your cards in another user's thread. Make sure that we know who's involved with the project so we don't accidentally warn you. If you wish to collaborate with another user, contact them via PM or elsewhere (do not ask them in the thread, nor should you badger them repeatedly).
You may post an existing card for comparative purposes, but only if you follow the Advanced Clause properly.  
9. Threads with 2 or more cards are to be posted in the Multiples section.
The main forum (where you are reading this thread in) is for Single cards. If your thread contains more than 1 card, then it needs to be posted in the Multiples section. This is to make it easier for you to locate your cards as opposed to lumping everything into one forum (singles and multiples combined).
Paired Pendulum Monsters and a single Ritual Monster/corresponding Ritual Spell are considered to be 1 card, and may be posted in the main forum. Paired Pendulum Monsters must work in tandem with each other, or they will be moved to Multiples.  
This rule does not apply to the Other TCG area. 
10. Cards and reviews are to be posted in ENGLISH.
As YCM is an English-speaking forum, all members are required to write in English. Do NOT assume that members know your native language or are fluent in it otherwise.
Posting your cards in your native language is fine, but you must provide an adequate English translation for other members.  The same rule applies for reviewers who are sufficient in the user's language, and wish to respond.
Posting a translation from Google Translate or another translation site will suffice most of the time. Otherwise, try your best to write English and we'll help you correct the card grammar and other spelling/grammatical mistakes if needed.  
11. Card posting etiquette.
All members who post their cards as pictures will be required to post their card's information beneath their cards, regardless if they can read off the image or not. We have members who access this site off of a mobile device / a small screen and/or have visual problems that prevent them from reading directly off the card, or cannot view the images due to Imgur/whatever image host being blocked in certain countries or institutions.

Do not assume that members will be able to read off the pictures without difficulty.

Additionally, if images don't work on YCM (which happens), the written cards will give us something to grade. There is a template in the FAQ thread that you can use, or you may use your own style. Just make sure all of the required information is here.

If you use TCGEditor to create your cards, please resize them to 50-60% and/or keep them in spoiler tags. If your post has 10 or more cards, then you need to spoiler tag them so they don’t lag the page.

Avoid posting cards without pictures (i.e. blank image).
I will not penalize you if you forget to put the effects underneath and it is generally readable. However, I WILL penalize you for not posting the effect and it is difficult to read off the picture. Use common sense. 

12. All cards related to a custom Archetype or that rely on each other must be in one thread.
You must keep ALL cards linked to a custom Archetype / cards that rely on each other in one thread (in the opening post), or link to them if you have posted some members earlier on this forum. Ideally, you should post all of them at once, or just release whatever you have at the time and add on as you go.

If you need to use subsequent posts due to space/formatting concerns, then link to them as you do and note that in the original post. However, I do not foresee this to occur, unless you make an extremely large set or are doing a group collaboration.
13. The following threads will be locked on sight.
Cardless threads: If you do not have at least 1 card for us to look at and grade, then we will lock the thread. This is also the reason why you need to have the written info beneath; if the picture goes away, then we at least have the written data to work from.

This also includes threads that simply say "post your cards here".

Cards that are copy/pasted without any changes: This rule mainly applies towards retrains/erratas of already existing cards from the game or anime/manga. You are allowed to repost your own cards without changes, however it is advised that you at least make SOME changes. 

Cards that are not those of the thread creator: Posting other member’s cards that you did not make will result in a thread lock (and a warning for ripping), unless under extreme circumstances.

Such circumstances include posting cards for another person who is currently ineligible for their own account or cannot post them at the present time. You can talk over the specific circumstances with me, and we'll work out something. 
Group projects may be posted by any user involved in the project. I do not need to know who made what card.

Threads in which the thread creator shows no desire to acknowledge comments in a mature manner: As mentioned in rule 3, you must be willing to accept comments/critique on your works and be mature about it.

Do not act like a little kid and bash users for giving you critique, and not saying "good job" or something. Remember, this is Advanced Cards and the standards for reviewing are much higher.
If I catch you being disrespectful to other users who gave you appropriate comments, thread gets locked and you will be punished.

14. Images cannot exceed PG-17.
While you are permitted to use any images you choose, they cannot exceed PG-17 at the highest. In other words, do not use images that have adult content or are extremely graphic.


If you have any doubts about an image, please PM me to check. It is better for you to check first than to post them and risk getting penalized, either by me, or another mod who happens to check this area while I am gone.
[I reserve the right to ask you to change images if it is deemed inappropriate. For the most part, I am generally chill about what you can use.]
If you use artwork from deviantArt or another source, make sure you either get permission and/or credit the artist. Also check that the artwork is free for usage; some things are not. If we get a complaint about you using artwork without permission or crediting an artist, we are required to remove the cards in question (or ask that you change the picture).
Posting either an image link to where you have obtained the image or the author's name will suffice.
[spoiler=Artist Complaints]
Artists, if you see your works being used on this site and wish to file a complaint, PM me using the following form.

1. Verification that you made said artwork, or are authorized to act on their behalf. (Please provide a link to your deviantArt page, Pixiv, website, etc.)
2. Link to the artwork in question on your personal gallery. (You may also provide .xcf/.psd files or scanned artwork files. I cannot look at files made on other software such as Illustrator, SAI, etc.)
3. Link to the threads/cards in question using the artwork.
4. Certify that the user did not receive your permission to use the artwork. (Please keep in mind that users may have found the artwork elsewhere, such as on Photobucket, Google/Yahoo Images, Pinterest, etc, and may have not known about your wishes.)
5. Certify that whatever you mentioned above is in fact correct. (Do you attest that whatever information you have provided is accurate, and that you are not filing a report out of spite or personal matters towards the member in question?)

Label this PM "Artwork Complaint".
Do not post in the user's thread; fill out the form and we will look into the matter.
Taking matters into your hands, including the use of provocative language and being disrespectful towards the user for using this artwork, shall result in severe punishment, including warn increases or potential bans, including IP bans if severe enough.
While this is your artwork, you are ultimately bound by the same rules as other users.
15. Acceptable language in names
The inclusion of any word that exceeds PG-17 (including racial slurs or profanity of any language of origin) is forbidden. Words like "damnèd" are permissible, but other words like the f-bomb (even if used to describe something amazing) are not to be used under any circumstances.
Words such as “ass” and “bitch” are forbidden because of their common connotations (even if you can say them freely otherwise).
Much like with images, if you have questions about acceptable card names, PM a Custom Card moderator for confirmation. We reserve the right to ask that you change the name if it is deemed inappropriate.
16. Bumping


Thread creators are allowed to bump their thread if 12 or more hours have elapsed since the last post. [Twelve hours mean twelve hours; not 8 or 10. If you’re off by 10-15 minutes, I will let it slide; otherwise, you will be penalized for early bumping.
Just be patient and wait for the time to come around.

Ideally, you should only bump the thread if/only if you have made some form of update since your last post.


There are two conditions for determining if a thread is dead or not; depending if the member in question is the one who created the thread in the first place or not.

Condition 1 (Normal): If a thread has no replies for 14 or more days, it is considered to be dead and SHOULD NOT be posted in.

Threads posted in after this period will be considered as necrobumped and will be locked on-sight; either with a verbal note or none at all.

Condition 2 (Thread creator): If bumping your own thread, you are allowed to do it up to 60 days from the last post date, however you are REQUIRED to have updated the thread somewhat (either you added some cards, fixed up effects and so forth); otherwise, condition 1 applies.

You will need to mention what changes you have made.
Exceptions can be made due to a user's circumstances at the time when the bump period expires (i.e. power outage, on a trip, lack of internet, etc). Just let me know about these cases, and the standard period can be waived or extension granted.

(If it's been over 6 months, then you should probably repost it.)



This refers to the act of posting multiple times in a row within the same thread. If you must announce multiple updates within the 12 hour period, just edit your last post or make the changes and do not update that.

The same applies for responding to multiple people; use the Multi-Quote button if you need to do this. Either that, or just wait patiently. (See STANDARD)
17. Using the Report Button

If you spot any rule breaks in this section (either Advanced Clause breaking or something else), either use the Report button at the bottom left of posts or PM a mod about the issue. Either method works to get our attention, as we generally respond quickly.
Do not post in the thread to tell the user they broke a rule; otherwise it will be considered as spamming/mini-moderating and warned accordingly.
If you are unsure about whether a thread/post should be reported, then please use the button otherwise. You will not be penalized for reporting a thread/post that is otherwise judged to be in line with the section rules. It's important that this section remains clean, and your help is greatly appreciated in doing so.



Please don't hesitate to ask me via PM or in the FAQ thread if you have questions. 

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Rulebreaking penalities
Spam and Advanced Clause breaks
Self-explanatory; shitposting, breaking the AC, etc.
1st offense: Verbal warning.
2nd offense: 2-3 WP
3rd offense: 4-5 WP
4th/subsequent offense: 7 WP (meaning your posting rights are stripped for 72 hours)
Just follow the word requirement when reviewing and don't treat Advanced like Discord or Miscellaneous. I won't strictly enforce the 40 word limit to the letter, however you should be more than capable of writing more than that. Also, don't post literal spam or side conversations.
Content ripping, copy/paste from Wikia without changes.
1st offense: Verbal warning / topic lock
2nd offense: 2-3 WP
3rd offense: 4-5 WP
4th/subsequent: 7 WP
Ripping off another member's work will get the higher values, in line with Showcase ripping policies. Like in academics, plagiarized content will be taken seriously.
Early bumping / multiple posting (more than 1 post in a row within time period) *, necrobumping
1st offense: Verbal warning (likely PM, but in-thread reprimands are also option)
2nd offense: 1 WP
3rd offense: 2 WP
In terms of multiple posting (marked with asterisk), I will excuse it if YCM is being shitty with the editor or you need to reserve multiple posts for a large set (which I do not advise except for group projects). It is your responsibility to let me know of your circumstance.
This section is minor compared to the others (and I hope I don't have to warn you more than 3 times).
Member misconduct
Boils down to being antagonistic towards other members (including staff) and engaging in flaming/trolling/harassment of other users.
1st offense: 4 WP
2nd offense: 7 WP (results in 3 day lock of post/status privileges)
3rd and subsequent offenses: 7 day ban; also possible section ban from Custom Cards for a given period of time.
Offenses in this category will have their warnings expire no earlier than 2 weeks, given their nature. General insubordination (i.e. backtalk) shall be penalized 2 WP for each infraction (which expires in 1 week) and will increase in severity each time.
Inappropriate content
Adult content: Permanent / IP ban.
Borderline content: Verbal warning to modify the image or find an alternative. Continuing to use inappropriate images after being told not to will result in WP; depending on level of sexuality / graphic-ness.
Offensive names: Depends on severity, but will range from verbal warning to change the name up to temporary ban for racial/discriminatory names. This shall be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Card information under image
At a bare minimum, you must post the card's effects underneath the card. Never expect that members are capable of reading directly off the picture if you use one.
1st warning: Verbal 24-hour fix warning to add content.
2nd warning: 2 WP
3rd warning: 4 WP
4th/subsequent: 7 WP (which still triggers the post lock)
The above is for cases in which the effect text is NOT easily readable.


In cases where the text is still readable, this will usually result in 1 verbal warning to fix it within 24 hours. After that, it'll result in up to 2 WP per offense; depending on how things work out.
I shouldn't need to enforce this one too much, but borrowing slightly from TCG in the case of stuff that isn't readable. Refer to rule 11 for the general wording.

I reserve the right to modify these punishments to be more lenient/harsher as deemed necessary, based on the situation in which the rulebreaking occurred.
Effective 11/13/2014, all members will be allowed to post a maximum of 7 threads PER DAY in this section; regardless of whether it's in main RC (here), the Other TCG or the corresponding Written areas. In addition to this, you must space the timing for each thread by at least half a hour (30 minutes).
Counter resets at 12 AM the next day of your own timezones.
You are still free to make comments on other member's threads [or respond to other member's remarks on your own] as much as you need.
We don't want to curb your activity, especially with the Advanced Clause and other factors taking their toll on this section's activeness; however, we don't want one member's posts to be flooding the entire first page of this section.
(If you have any questions/concerns over this, PM one of us)

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Effective 12/12/2014, this section has been renamed to Modern Cards & Design + will have the following changes implemented.

  • Cards with the metagame in mind while designing will be placed here, as will any Pop Culture cards that tie into this.
  • Written Cards are no longer segregated from cards with pictures, and can be freely posted alongside them (both in the standard section and Other TCG).
    • Just keep in mind that you need to put a [Written] tag, so we can distinguish them.
  • The Multiples sections have been added here, and function the same way as they did under the RC naming.

In other words, aside from the addition of Pop Culture cards and combining the written cards with normal ones, everything here functions the same as it did back in the RC days.


If you have any questions or concerns, please PM one of the CC mods.


Have a nice day, everyone! :)

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Effective 1/10/2015, you are allowed to post 2 Pendulum Monsters in the Singles section.
However, they must abide by the following condition.
"Both Pendulum Monsters must be capable of/intended to work with one another."


Basically they should be Archetype-supportive and/or reflect each other in their effects. For reference, use Sarenshinchū and Urenjinchū (Yousenjū) and Yuya's Magicians.



If they don't support each other, then they will be moved to Multiples.

This also goes for if you post a 3rd Pendulum Monster in the same thread; regardless if it is intended to work in conjunction with the previous two or not.




Anyway, ask one of us if you need clarification on this.

Have fun with it :)

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With the advent of Xyz Pendulums on the horizon, I suppose it's a good enough time to announce how things are going to run regarding them.


Effective 3/9/2015, you are allowed to make Xyz Pendulums in the Advanced section, but the following condition will be in place.


Until an official ruling is given from Konami, just assume that Xyz Pendulums can be re-summoned IF/ONLY if they were properly summoned first and sent back to the Extra Deck face-up. In terms of Xyz Materials, assume that if the monster moves to the Pendulum Zone, their materials DO NOT carry over.


By extension, Ranks will be treated as Levels for Main Deck monsters; so assuming the Rank/Level falls within the scales, they will obey any existing rules that were established for the normal ones.


Synchro/Fusion/Ritual Pendulums need to stay in Casual until those get confirmed in the anime or TCG/OCG.



As usual, PM if you have any concerns over the matter.

Indeed, there is a lack of information regarding Xyz Pendulums, so we need to fill in the blanks for now until things are cleared up.

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Just a slight update to the Extra Deck Pendulum stuff.

You are ALLOWED to post Fusion, Synchro and Ritual Pendulums in Advanced effective as of now.


Basically, Nai and I talked this over and agreed on this being a proper option, instead of shafting the others to Casual until Konami confirms stuff.

They have Levels, so they will obey the regular rules of Pendulum Summoning like we have for Main Deck stuff.


So yeah, if you guys want stuff in Casual to be moved over now; PM me about it.



Also, Odd Eyes Rebellion got some stuff dealt with; and indeed, our ruling on the matter will stand.

If Rank falls between the two scales, you can P-Summon it like you would for a monster with a Level.


However, this effect needs to be mentioned in your card's lore (that's what RL one looks like). 




So yeah, go nuts with your ideas :D

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Update on the CC rules; it's under Basic 19.


In essence, from this day forward, you should mention whether your cards are TCG / OCG.


It's been brought to our attention that due to the existence of things like Noden, CyDra Infinity and other OCG exclusive things, we need to factor in their impact also.


Up until now, we've been using more of a default TCG thing and then incorporating the things Japan/Korea have released into any CnC we give.

[Basically, a mixed format if you will].


However, that being said/done, the current system also causes members to be graded down on their design, simply their card accidentally provides more fuel for CyDra Infinity and whatever. Additionally, the mentality is different in both formats.


So, with this new tag system, here's how things should go.

  • TCG: Graded using cards that actually exist in the TCG card pool. This means no Noden/CyDra Infinity, among other things.
  • OCG: Uses cards that are available in the OCG and so forth (includes Noden, Nyarla, CyDra Infinity). This means Burning Abyss and other TCG-exclusive content can't be used as factors

If you don't tag your thread, we'll assume that it's the usual fare, and ALL cards (both TCG/OCG) will be factored into the review of your cards.


This is more/less to clean things up and not subject cards to be graded with respect to broken OCG cards.


Ideally, this tag should be in your title (like we mandate Other TCG to do), but if it becomes messy, just use the topic tags to note it. Tagging the thread should lead to all threads with the same one.


For older threads, try to edit their titles if still within a reasonable timeframe for posting.



Hopefully, this addresses the problem of cards designed for TCG usage being graded based on OCG things, and vice-versa.



Again, it's not mandatory that you do, but it'll help making grading a bit easier so you don't get yelled at for accidentally supporting OCG things and you're a TCG user.

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Added Basic Rule 21, regarding the usage of artwork.


In short form, make sure that you give attribution to where your card's images are found (even if from a Showcase gallery or something along those lines).

You can just post something like "IMG credit: (link/author name)" and that's sufficient.


However, please make sure that you are allowed to use images; especially if they come from deviantArt or another site.

Some artwork is commissioned, and isn't for public usage.


If we get an artist complaint, then you'll be asked to either change the pictures in question, add accreditation or remove the cards in their entirety.



Artists, if you would like to file a complaint about your artwork being used without permission/attribution, PM one of the Custom Card moderators; preferably to either myself or Koko (ココ).

When you do, make sure you provide the following.

  • Verification that you are indeed the creator of said artwork, or are authorized to act on behalf of said artist.
  • Links to the artwork(s) in question.
  • Cards in question that use the artwork(s).
  • A statement if the user in question was given authorization to use said artworks.
  • Concluding statement that the above facts are indeed true.

Do not post in the user's thread, especially if it is past the two week mark (otherwise necrobumping penalties may be applied); just PM a moderator about it, and leave it at that.

We'll notify the user in question either in PM or their thread about the issue; do not take matters into your own hands.



Also as a reminder regarding the Advanced Clause, make sure that all comments are related to the design/playability of the card.

Posts that contain OCG fixes or anything irrelevant to design will be treated as Advanced Clause breaks, and warned accordingly.


Ideally, you should write 2-3 sentences (about 15-20 words); but if done properly, you should fill it without problem.

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Just an announcement that the rules for this section have been updated, or more specifically, some things have gotten major edits since the last time this was updated. For reference, I have made a few updates to this thread since July 2015, but I have not explicitly mentioned it like I am doing now (you have, however, gotten last updated notes in the title).


1. The Advanced Clause has been changed, and all critique in this section requires at least 30 words per card. Most of you have shown that you can already write and/or exceed the minimal requirement even before today, but now it's official. We are not forcing you to write long essays on the card's usage, but enough that you can cover the card's overall usage and back up your critique/suggestions with reasoning.


In terms of Multiples, the minimum length is for the entire review in general; it does NOT mean you need to write 2 paragraphs per card in that thread.


2. In light of some incidents in other areas and a general discussion with the other staff members about the matter, the image policy has been revised. Any artwork that you use on cards cannot contain extremely graphic content (in other words, anything that's more extreme than the OCG artwork should not be used, including extremely large breasts, characters in sexual positions, heavy blood and gore). If you have doubts about an image, please consult one of the CC mods to look it over.


The image usage policy remains the same. If you use an image from elsewhere, it's recommended that you leave a link to where you found it (or if you do not remember, writing "Credit to whoever made it" or something similar is sufficient). Artists, if you want to file a complaint that someone is using your art without permission, please PM the form in the "Artist Complaint" spoiler to a CC mod and we will deal with the matter.


3. If you guys see any threads/posts that break section rules, please use the Report Button or PM either Gadjiltron or me. If you are unsure about it, let us know anyway. We're not going to penalize you for reporting threads/posts that are otherwise fine by these new rules, but make sure that a rule is in fact being broken. While I have tried to clearly state everything that is/isn't permitted here, there may be some things that are in limbo.


Your help in keeping this section clean is greatly appreciated.



If you have any questions or concerns about any of the new rules, please let us know via PM.


Have a nice day.

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Rules have been updated again; some of the changes are minor fixes to the rules and others are more dramatic. Below are the major things you should be aware of at this time. 


Required "design notes" in the original post: This rule has been in effect since September 2, 2016 for Advanced Cards, but I just modified this thread and expected you all to read the rulebook. For major updates, I will be making verbal updates (though again, it is in your best interest to check this thread periodically). 


What this means is that you need to explain what you were going for, any flavor notes that should be known here or general interactions you intended for this to work with and so forth. This should be about the length of a short AC review under the Advanced Clause. SHOW us that you thought this through; explaining this also helps other members to improve the cards along your intended design path, or suggest something else. 


If you do not have these notes in Advanced when posted, your thread will be moved over to Casual.


Having the card's stats and effects printed beneath card: In the past, this was mandatory if the card was hard to read, but now it will be for all cards that use a picture from the card maker, TCGEditor or whatever template you have. 


Most of you already provided this, so you shouldn't be affected too much by the change. If you already do Written Cards, you're fine. 


Permissible images: This is tied into the general forum-wide policy of what constitutes as acceptable. Images that are overly sexual/risque or graphic are forbidden to be used as card images. You can use the OCG's style of artwork as a guideline, but if you are in doubt, PM the images so we can look them over. 


(For the record, whatever ruling Black gave as a whole a few months ago holds; exercise your best judgment and ask if you are unsure.)



There are some other proposed changes that I will be bringing up later, one of which concerns how CC will be run as a whole in the VRAINS generation (as it is a major change from how all of us have played this game up until now, and to accommodate members who still wish to use the existing standards moving forward.)


As for Link Monsters, you all can post them in the main card areas (though if you want to use Experimental right now as things get clarified, go ahead). 


Outside of the design notes thing, the above applies to Casual as well. 



If you have any questions or concerns, as always, do not hesitate to ask. 

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As explained in this thread, there will be changes to Custom Cards. This update involves the dual formats that Custom Cards will run on from here on out, and is intended to be open to all users, regardless if you design for the new VRAINS mechanics or continue with ARC-V (as we are aware that the new changes have not gone well with everyone). This is marked as rule 20. 


For those who did not read the linked thread, Legacy and Standard are defined as thus:

  • Legacy: Cards built to function using the ARC-V mechanics (Extra Deck monsters are not forced into a separate zone, Pendulums are still separate from S/T, Link Monsters/Markers/Numbers do not exist).
    • Cyverse-Type monsters will be permitted, as they currently are not intertwined with Link Monsters.
      • This means you may make Cyverse Ritual/Fusion/Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum monsters as you so choose, provided they obey the mechanics for ARC-V.
    • Cards that are released from SD2017 and onward and do not have interactions with Links / Main Monster Zone / Extra Monster Zone are also permitted in this format. (This also includes the legacy ARC-V support coming out in Code of the Duelist)
  • Standard: Cards that function in the official field setup as of 3/25/2017 in OCG.
    • This includes: Link Monsters, the segregated monster zones and moving of the Pendulum Zones to the S/T area.

As mentioned in the new rule, there will be no penalty if you forget to tag your thread, but your stuff will be graded under the VRAINS mechanics, which may have a much different effect than what the ARC-V mechanics will do with them. (LEGACY and STANDARD tags exist for both sections). Threads made before the change do not have to be tagged, but it is advised you do. 



Other things that need to be noted:


"Design notes": You just need to write a BRIEF summary on what your cards are intended to do / what you had in mind. This amounts to maybe 2-3 sentences (35-40 words generally amount to this) and can just be a generalized overview (you do not need to write specific details). If you wish to write more than this, then you are free to without penalty.


I don't want to make you write essays in this section, but at the very least, provide some explanation of what you're doing as opposed to just posting the thread in Advanced and saying "here, review my card". 


Member reviews: If you review a user's thread, you are under no obligation to actually suggest fixes for them to make; you are still bound by the Advanced Clause, but that's it. If you wish to give help, then that's fine. For thread creators, DO NOT solicit the reviewer for what you should fix; it is up to you to figure out what needs to be done. It is also in your best interest to take what other members tell you into consideration; you may not agree with certain approaches, but be willing to compromise if needed to make your card work.


(As mentioned in the redefinition of Advanced, your stuff should be designed with the intent to work in a competitive gamestate; does not have to be top-tier quality, but something to give whatever Deck you design for a chance to survive in the power creep)


Bumping: While the minimum period required for bumping your own thread (if no one else has replied) is still 12+ hours, it is advised that you bump it IF and ONLY IF you have made an update; especially for set threads. If you make changes before the 12 hour period is up, just modify the main thread and THEN announce the changes later (or modify your last post with the changes). 


If you've noticed, Multiples tends not to be terribly active, so your stuff will still remain on page 1 after a day or so in most cases.


Redefinition of Advanced: While I have mentioned the idealized path for Advanced to be shifted to in the linked thread, the specifics are still being ironed out. As mentioned, this section will shift more towards a competitive aspect (as in, do your cards push existing Decks to be viable or can stand on their own in the power creep). You still must design cards properly with flavor and balance in mind, but emphasis will be on usability.




When things are finalized, this thread will be modified again. The main thing here is the tagging system. 


If there are any questions/concerns about the changes, please feel free to PM me. 

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There have been some changes to the rulebook since the end of March. Outside of some rewriting and stuff, this is what the changes amount to for the most part.


1. Redefinition of Advanced


As mentioned above, stuff posted in this section needs to be designed with the competitive state in mind. This does not mean that a card/set must be on par with current stuff at the time of posting, but it must be designed to at least function as such, or give Decks that it is designed for a chance to function in the current game. For right now, assume that stuff should at least be able to function in a regional setting (er, tier 2-2.5ish)


(Basically, don't make pack filler.)


Reminder that Pop Culture stuff is permitted if you design it to function in a competitive state.


2. Design notes


The notes will stay, but will be geared more for WHAT the card is supposed to be doing competitively and/or WHY you designed it this way. Do not blatantly write what the card does (i.e. so [X] is [Y] and does [Z]). That being said, you are permitted to keep these notes in spoiler tags if you wish, but they just need to be there. Much like in an academic setting, can you justify your reasoning for design.


Those of you making Archetype prompts, simply copy/pasting the prompt verbatim from the game thread or elsewhere won't count as the required notes. You may provide it in its unaltered form, but you need to explain how you went about doing the prompt. (This may include things such as deviations you needed to take from the prompt to ensure the set lives up to Advanced standards, any naming conventions and stuff that aren't common knowledge, etc. Paraphrasing it to address the stuff pertaining to gameplay is fine.)


3. Modification of Advanced Clause


Basically made it a 4-tier system: Verbal warning on first break, standard AC break warn on second, 7 WP punishment for third and 10 for any subsequent offenses afterward. For the most part, I shouldn't have to give out higher than a standard AC break warn at most, unless someone is really bad. Also note that I can break from this if necessary depending on circumstances (if it's a minor thing, then I'll let you off with a warning; whereas more severe cases may require a jump).


You guys are doing a good job at explaining your thought process, so...keep it up xD.


4. Clarification on default standards for CC


Because this section follows the actual game, we will be using VRAINS as default (with a TCG hybrid F/L list; our banlist with the inclusion of OCG cards). You are still allowed to post cards designed for ARC-V format, but must be tagged. You may also request that your card be graded on both formats [Legacy/Standard], but this needs to be noted explicitly in the OP. Right now, I don't foresee many to be doing this, but it is open.


[i removed the preset tags, so you can mark the thread as you need to]


Also reminder that you can design SOLELY for TCG or OCG and not the hybrid list, but this needs to be noted. Most of you will probably design for TCG anyway.



I am also considering a maximum bump limit (as in how many times you can bump the thread up without updating) before I lock it; what the threshold will be, or if I will actually implement it is still being reviewed. Reasoning for this is if you haven't changed anything the last few times you updated, why are members going to look at it again? As of right now, it is NOT implemented.



The changes are derived from stuff I already noted in the update thread (which you should be aware of) and comments I have received from some of you about certain things that occur in the section. I have been reviewing the changes for the past couple months, but did not post them earlier due to summer school and other matters that required my attention.


As usual, please PM me if you have any questions/concerns.

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There have been some updates in the rulebook, but ultimately they're not too different from what was in effect the past 7-8 months. Major ones are as follows.


1. Removed / merged rules (in line with Casual and to slim down the wording a bit).

  • Original rules 6 and 7 (pertaining to what kinds of cards you can post in this section) have been removed and shifted to the new FAQ thread (which I was writing a few days ago). Same goes for the written card template. 
  • Rules on default banlist and Master Rule format have been merged into one rule instead of being separate.
    • A general reminder that we use the current TCG list and Master Rule 4 by default. If you design for Legacy format or OCG, make sure you specify this in the topic tags (the former is more likely).

2. Advanced Clause

  • Requirement that all notes be kept in spoiler tags, and a general idea of what should be written for them (which is usually a short summary of what it's supposed to be doing; not the obvious traits about the card). This applies to any threads posted after the update; anything before that won't be required to.
    • Most of you are already writing the appropriate notes in this style already, so nothing changes. Otherwise, it just means adding spoiler tags, but it does not change how you write.
      • If you forget to spoiler tag, you won't be penalized for it. 
    • For set threads, you just need to write the minimum for the set in general; NOT for each individual card.
  • Multiples requirement reduced to 40-50 words (well, from 50-60 anyway), though if you review properly, you can quite easily meet / exceed this.
  • Penalties for breaking the AC reduced to be in line with the new system of sanctions (i.e. You breaking the AC twice doesn't get your post privileges suspended).
    • Unless you're really bad and intentionally break them after being told not to, you shouldn't get more than maybe a verbal warn or the 3 WP one at most. So far, you guys have been keeping on track and haven't needed to be warned.


(Reminder that Other TCG is exempt from the notes, given the activity and nature of the area.)


Other than this, some parts were just reworded to be cleaner and modified to adjust to the removal of certain rules into the FAQ. These changes should not impact how you post in this section.


As usual, please feel free to ask me (either by PM or in the FAQ) if there are any questions or clarifications needed about certain rules listed in this thread. I'd like for them to be clear to all of you. 

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I have not added new rules specifically since July with the removal of the required notes, however I have added the general warn system for this section. You may reference it in post #2 (I spoiler tagged the original content). They are effective immediately.


While the sanctions listed here generally are already preset, they are subject to adjustments based on the situation in question. I reserve the right to be more lenient or stricter than the punishments written out, depending on:

  • Are you new/returning to the place or have you been here consistently enough to know what the policies are
  • How you react to being told what you did wrong? Do you accept it without any fanfare or give me (or any mod) backtalk.
    • Doing the latter will result in the punishment being increased and/or extended.
  • Have you been told to follow the rules in the past, but still have not listened?
  • Severity of the infraction.

If you do get penalized, I'll PM you with the infraction committed, what punishment am I giving you and when it expires. Normally this would be handled through the internal warn system, but that is still broken until further notice.



If any questions exist about what kinds of things will get penalized in this section (or really anything written in the rulebook), then please PM me so we can clear those up.

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