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Rules of Introduction << UPDATED: 9/29/2018 >>

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1. Regular site rules apply
Needless to say, whatever rules apply for the entirety of YCM also apply here. Said rules can be found here.
2. Section is for new/returning members.


The definition of a new member is generally someone who's joined the forum community within the past 2 weeks. However, as we do have some members that are much older and up until their introduction, have been more or less sticking to the cardmaker, this definition needs to be changed.
To qualify as a new member, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have less than 25 forum posts [or in essence, only have one user star to your name]
  • Not an alternate account of an existing member.
    • (This is waived for monster accounts during Halloween)

After 25 posts, you're more/less acquainted with the community and will be treated as a regular member. So yeah, do it early.


Members returning to the community may also post a return thread in this section instead of using the Leaving/Return thread. It makes it easier to welcome you in your own threads.


Those of you leaving should still use Miscellaneous (or I'll add a subforum for Leaving stuff if interest exists).


3. Standard for welcoming posts
At a minimum, write more than just "Hi and welcome".
I don't mind if you use the same welcoming post (or some variants of it) repeatedly; just make sure you say more things than a three-word welcoming post. You can tell them to read the rules/ask one of the staff members for help, recommend a section they might like and so on.


Also, make sure you keep your introductions forum-appropriate (so no explicit images or profane language).



EDIT (1/1/2018): Write your own introduction posts. If you copy/paste another user's welcome post, you will be penalized. 



4. Age things


Because of COPPA regulations and stuff, you need to be at least 13 years of age or have the permission of your parent/guardian to come here. Please be truthful about your age.


5. Threads will be locked after a week or so.


Intro/return threads will be locked a week after posting, as that should usually be enough time to get you (re)acclimated to this site and its policies.



As a sidenote for new members joining us or veterans returning...


Notice that a lot of us tell you to read the rules before posting further. When we say that, please make an effort to actually do it; either before posting an intro or directly afterwards. The rules may have changed dramatically since you last came around, and it's your responsibility to acclimate yourself to them.


Reading the rules beforehand will save you a good amount of trouble with other members, and more importantly the staff members.


The more you follow the rules, the easier you make our jobs and the more likely you'll develop a positive relationship with the others on YCM.




That's about it, I suppose. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.


Have a nice day, guys :D

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