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YCM DevPro Section Rules << UPDATED: 4/11/2016 >>

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The following rules are in place for the YGOPro section.

Make sure you understand and agree to follow these before posting.


1. Standard YCM Rules apply.

In addition to whatever is noted here, any standards listed in the general YCM rules are to be followed.

If you need to find them, click here.


Also, DO NOT advertise your own stuff in people's threads.


2. Section is for YGOPro related things only

As the forum's name suggests, this is a section for YGOPro (and DevPro) and custom cards.

You are allowed to do the following things.

  • Post cards that you made for the game itself (with their coding). If you just want to show them off, then use the regular card sections for that.
  • Ask for help regarding coding issues (because it is hard to work with at times)
  • General troubleshooting
  • Discuss cards with respect to the YGOPro gamestate (essentially, factor in anime/manga cards in addition to whatever you'd discuss in TCG).
    • For the purposes of this, assume any YGOHack additions are part of the game at this point in time (and developers have updated it as such).
  • Post any Decks you've made on YGOPro, using your custom cards.

3. Release threads


To keep things tidy in the section, and so we don't end up searching for all of your releases; keep the cards in related sets within one thread.

Don't post them in multiple threads.


If you have separate sets, you can post them in another thread but it is generally advised to keep everything in one thread so it's easier to access.


4. Bumping


If a discussion on a card/set has remained dead for 2 or more weeks, then it's probably safer to make a new thread about it.

You, as the thread creator, are allowed to bump it once every period of 12 hours or more, if discussion has stagnated.


Release threads have no bump expiration date; you can update these at your leisure, but please abide by the above bump rule for this section. Necrobumping rule doesn't apply in these cases if it's to mention the coding (if effects do not work) and other questions.


5. Format Stuff


Because this forum's for YGOPro/DevPro topics, a tag system will be implemented. Use the following for certain topics.

  • [Card Release] Basically your cards (with appropriate data; see below) and their general effects.
  • [Decklist] for any builds you've made.
  • [Support] for any help threads. 

6. Coding


If you decide to distribute your cards for other members to use, make sure you provide the following.

  • Pictures (you need to provide them in a general pics folder. General pics are 177 x 254)
  • Lua codes if applicable (We understand that coding is not something that comes easy to people)
  • SQL programs (I would advise copying YGOHack's mods on Youtube, and replacing his data with your own)

Field Spells need to be inside the Field folder, and numbered correctly. Ideally, it should be no smaller than 400 x 400.


Make sure all of your files (pics, scripts and expansions) are in a .zip or .rar file (or whatever format gets used to store lots of content); ideally you should save the compression file as one of the two formats.



That's about it for now.

If things need to be changed, we'll let you know.


Otherwise, PM either myself or Zextra if you have any questions/concerns.

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