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[Leaderboard] Summer 2015 Postseason (Match L4-1)

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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All Leaderboard rules apply.
First to 3 votes or most by 9/26/2015 @ 3:00 pm HST (UTC -10:00) wins.
If there are no votes after the deadline, next vote wins.
All voters must elaborate on their votes.
Contestants and I reserve the right to reject votes that are not of appropriate quality.
Written cards are allowed. (Must be in written format, cards with blank pictures are not acceptable)




Make a support card for Majespecters


The winner gets a rep from the loser.
All voters get a rep for voting.


Card A




If 2 or more monsters are Special Summoned at the same time: Target those monsters, then destroy all "Majespecter" Pendulum Cards  in your Pendulum Zones (min. 1), and if you do: Banish those targets.


Card B


Majespecter Dragon



Scale: 5

Monster Effect:

Cannot be destroyed or targeted by card effects. During either player's turn, you can target 1 Spellcaster-Type Pendulum Monster you control and 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy the first target, and if you do, negate the second target's effects until the End Phase. You can only use this effect of "Majespecter Dragon" once per turn.



Alright then, start voting guys.

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The deadline passed seven hours ago and still 0-0, but given how things have turned out, I'll have to make a tiebreaker vote. 

Only time I have to do this (hopefully). 


Originally wrote this at the public library, but couldn't finish because of time constraints.




Card A sort of breaks the thing with Majespecter support cards (Tribute their monsters to do stuff). 

This, while it at least allows you to maintain field advantage in terms of monsters, it also cuts off your ability to P-Summon later. 


If you have new Scales in hand, then it's not much of a problem + you can afford to blow up part of your Scales. 


You can re-summon the destroyed monsters easier than you can with restoring the Scales (well, you have Raccoon/Cat for searching + Dracoslayer). 


Majespecter Tempest would do the same thing and only would cost you a WIND monster, but you could always recur that monster later.

Though, this has the benefit of being a BTH of sorts against Pendulums that get around the 1500 threshold (and also works against opposing Majespecters or monsters who wouldn't die).



Card B is a BTS of sorts for the Deck, except it pops stuff to do so. 


Normally, popping your own monster for a temporary negation isn't really great, but since Majespecters thrive on being P-Summoned again, it amounts to a reusable BTS in the end (and recurring resources). They aren't bothered by the destruction, save if you try using this without a full Scale up. 


Like Unicorn, you'll have to resort to Eccentric to P-Summon; otherwise Tribute for it normally. 


Negation is still nice though, but personally I'd prefer Unicorn to just bounce stuff away for the most part, so they can't use it for Xyz and stuff. 


You can still use this in Magicians, yes (if Unicorn wasn't already being done there), and I'd probably expect this would have the same impact in there.

(Note that I am not overly familiar with the Deck, so may be off on this statement.)



In essence, this boils down to either killing your Scales to banish stuff in a similar vein to BTH (but with limited uses) OR you blow up something for a Breakthrough Skill.


Card A at least provides Majespecters with some degree of removal if they lack monsters to Tribute for their normal supports (although they will need to time it right, and make sure they can restore said Scale(s) later.


Card B can blow things up (even itself if you have to) for a Breakthrough Skill of sorts, and sort of fits flavor-wise with their stuff.



I like both of these cards, but because only one of you can move on, I'll have to decide who that will be, given the design.

As a Majespecter player, I'd probably go for card B, since it builds off what they already do, and doesn't hurt their playstyle by bombing them. (Plus, it has uses elsewhere)


Don't get me wrong, I also like card A and certainly wouldn't mind banishing opposing Pendulums + stuff, but the card itself is restricted to the Deck itself (unlike the other support cards that can go with any WIND Spellcasters).


That, and you cannot recur your Scales as easy as you would monsters on the field in the Deck.



So this basically means that Queen's the one who wins this one & takes Striker on the final.


(Also, where's my voter rep?)

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