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Waifu Trash


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I remember Azn-Eyes doing this during a stream so I thought I'd try to make a Waifu deck. It's iffy on the Waifu Side but it has a decent W/L ratio.






Not competitive but kinda fun tbh.


Half my wins are rages, complaining how bad the deck is and the bull s*** of me getting the upper hand. I don't think half of them have seen all the OTK decks there are.


[spoiler=Deck List]



2x Amazoness Swords Woman

2x Aussa

2x Eria

2x Hiita

2x Wynn

3x Ghost Ogre

2x Injection Fairy Lily

1x Dionaea

3x Myrmeleo

1x Nepenthes




2x E-Tele

3x Dual-Pot

1x Raigeki




1x BTH

3x Great Horn of Heaven

3x Storming Mirror

2x Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

3x Unpossessed

2x Void Trap Hole




1x Black Rose

2x Moonlight Rose

1x Clearwing

1x Abyss Dweller

1x Castel

1x Cyber Dragon Infinity

1x Cyber Dragon Nova

1x Exciton Knight

1x Cowboy

1x Samurai

1x 101

1x Ptolemaeus

2x Rafflesia



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IMO, you should run stuff like Jigabyte/etc. Lets you make easier Rank 4 plays with your Familiar Posessed cards.

You know, I would, but Jiga ain't exactly waifu material


But yeah, a thought I was having was too many F-P cards. But how could I leave any of em out, I mean, come on!

It doesn't seem horribly good, but I can't be sure.


Would you mind typing out the decklist, please? I don't recognize some of those cards.

On it...

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