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Cocoon of Superior Evolution


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This card does not make this theme viable at all, but I thought the little guy needed something more cozy and ENERGIZED to live in whilst it evolves.



This card's name is always treated as "Cocoon of Evolution".

You can equip this card to a "Petit Moth" you control from your hand. If you use the equipped "Petit Moth" a a tribute to summon a "Moth" monster, you can wait half the required number of turns this card has to be equipped to "Petit Moth".

Once per turn, you can pay 1000 lifepoints, all "Cocoon of Evolution" and "Petit Moth" you control can not be destroyed until your opponent's next end phase.

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Well, it makes Great Moth a 2-turn thing instead of 4; and Perfectly Ultimate a 3.

The halving time effect makes it a lot easier to summon the bigger ones, even if they are technically vanillas.


Protection is still nice, since as we all know by now, effect removal will hurt A LOT.



Indeed, this won't make Moths viable in the competitive world right now, but it makes things faster.

Nowadays, we're not waiting 4-6 turns to bring out something of their caliber (instead either instantly or within 1-2 turns).

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Yea, vanilla will be vanilla. I was also thinking of an 'ultimate cocoon...' and have a two of them together make it more like a 1 turn for perfectly ultimate. But if moths are going to get a nice touch up like good o'l Blue-eyes, it'l take a LOT of love. Insect love, sounds rare XD

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