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Card for those who likes to chant! (Magical☆Rejoice Girl)


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The original title i want to write is "Card for those who are Chuunibyou"

Don't look at me!! >///////<

Ik sometimes i also shouting during a duel if i met a fun person to play with . . . geez <.<


Anyway! For those who don't know, this card is based on Creator of Miracles, Creator of Hope, and Winning Formula (sadly they're illegal for play). You need to shout in order to activate the effect of this card. But different from above, this card has multiple effect so kinda like you play some TCG mixed with RPG games (using skill/spell etc etc etc). Here ya :


Magical☆Rejoice Girl

LIGHT/Level 1


Pendulum Effect : You cannot Pendulum Summon monsters, except by shouting "Summoning Beast, Summon!". Once per turn: You can shout "Shapeshift!", then roll a six-sided die; this card Pendulum Scale becomes the number rolled.

Monster Effect : Once per turn, you can Tribute this card, then shout 1 of those words and apply the following effect based on the word you shout:
● "Domestic Violence!": Return 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field to the hand.
● "Divine Punishment!": Shuffle 1 random card from either player's hand to the Deck, then the player who shuffle that card draw 1 card.
● "Ragnarok!": Shuffle 1 card from either player's Graveyard to the Deck.



Ik it's kind of embarrassing sometimes, but sure fun to use (for me) . . . :>

Any thought on this card, guys?

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Coming up with nicknames to cards and their effects adds your own personal flavour to the game as you see fit. Enforcing it through card effects makes it a little awkward, unless the lines are sufficiently hamtastic.




To be fair, the few existing cards that do that are not tournament-legal.

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Yep! I've also met a person who uses BEWD.dek and shout "Burst Steam of Destruction!" when BEWD attacks . . . (also few Performapal users shout random words when attacking or activating effects, what a fun person they are)

Kinda awkward and embarrassing but yes, i actually want to see a person use this card during a duel and shout those words X3



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