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Unknown Fires [Shiranui]


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[spoiler Decklist]

Monsters (21)

x2 Zombie Master

x2 Shiranui no Mononofu

x3 Mezuki

x1 Shutendoji

x3 Chief Priest of the Shiranui

x2 Goblin Zombie

x2 Swordsmith of the Shiranui

x3 Uni-Zombie

x1 Beast of the Pharaoh

x2 Youtou -- Shiranui


Spells (14)

x2 Book of Life

x1 Raigeki

x2 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force

x1 Terraforming

x1 Gold Sarcophagus

x1 Foolish Burial

x1 Burial from a Different Dimension

x2 Call of the Mummy

x3 Shiranui Style: Reincarnation Formation


Traps (5)

x3 Shiranui Style: Sword of Swallow

x2 Sealing Ceremony of Katon


Extra Deck


x1 Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss



x1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend

x2 Ikusagami -- Shiranui

x1 PSY-Framelord Omega

x1 Goyo King

x1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

x1 Moonlight Rose Dragon

x2 Katanagami -- Shiranui

x1 T.G. Hyper Librarian

x1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries



x1 Beatrice, the Eternal Lady

x1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

x1 Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn




Jesus these dudes are fun as HELL to play.  I do think it could use a bit of streamlining though.  I think a Miracle Dig or 2 might work wonders late game.

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Currently trying to figure out something about this deck. Why do you have the BA fusion and xyz in it??

When Beatrice is destroyed she can special summon a Dante costlessly from the extra deck. So you can run Pilgrim without having to use the BA fusion spell.

It's stupid good in OCG BA cause the BA fusion spell tbh is really bad, and this let's yu get to Pilgrim for no cost.

His aim is to rank up Minerva into Beatrice and if she's destoryed summon out a pilgrim.

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