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Do you want to hear a joke?

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You probably heard this one already, but regardless, here it is:


Three men arrive at the afterlife and there asked by someone there


Someone:How did you all die?


1st Person:We all died at around the same time.




1st Person:


I came home early from work because I suspected my wife was cheating on me, and I saw a pair of hands on my balcony. I stomped on them until they let go. However, to guarantee the person was gone, I threw my fridge; though, I accidentally got dragged down with it and died.




Someone: And how did you die?



2nd Person: I went into an apartment, but I tripped and barely hung on to the balcony. Then SOMEONE started stomping on my fingers. And if that wasn't enough, SOMEONE dropped a refrigerator on me.




Someone:And lastly, how did you die?



3rd Person: I was in the fridge.



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