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Ways to Fix the Prequels (TEW version)

Ryusei the Morning Star

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Um this is nowhere near everything, just the things off the top of my mind.


1) Maul is underused, make him more of threat from the Star, Gunray can take the backseat. 


2) Maul's survival and his story line in the Clone Wars is was honestly quite nice, have him survive the bisection, but be rejected by Sidious, making his Hatred for both Palpy and Obi-Wan his main driving forces. Maul backed by the Mandalorian would be quite nice and his crime empire should have been the other faction, aka the one that Gunray and the others join. Gunray is a traitor working for Palpatine, in promise of seeing Naboo burn for his disgrace in the first movie.


3) Either go with Darth Darth Binks or cut that s*** out, make him seem a little more manipulative, and not quite so comic relief 


4) Anakin should be a little older, his romance with Padme seems awkward for many reasons, but the age difference could certainly be one of them. Show don't tell, have him save her, could be some as small as away from street thugs. Build it up, not OH I've not seen you in 10 years, damn ur hot. I wanna dock my canoe in Natalie's port....man


5) Dooku was criminally underused. Yoda's strongest apprentice does not simply cave that easily. The third faction comes up here. Dooku would have seen the slow corruption in the Jedi combine with his personal trauma from all the blood shed he's seen. He and other loyalist Jedi seeking to REFORM the order will leave, and form the confederacy. Hence all the players are set. Dooku and his Jedi, Maul and his criminal empire, backed by the trade federation. The old Jedi Order.


6) Grievous should originally be on the Jedi's side, ideally fighting Maul's people, war is bloody, he gets damaged badly. What the Jedi need to do here, is pull out of the battle and leave Grievous and his people to suffer the wrath of Maul, Dooku and CIS come in, and clean the mess up like the moralist they are, thus cementing Grievious's loyalty to Dooku and his hatred for the Jedi


7) Clone's should be Palpy's idea since Dooku stole so many of the Jedi in his cessesion. Kamino being in Republic controlled areas should be why Palpy is able to get order 66 in place. 


8) Dooku should personally train Boba post Jango Death.


9) Nute pissed and tryna kill Padme is legit, the romance between Anakin and Padme isn't poor, just the dialogue was. 


10) Dooku should have nothing really to do with the Padme assassination plotline, BUT, I do like him capturing Obi-Wan, and instead of killing him, like legit talk to him and let him go, planting seeds of distrust in Obi-Wan about the true mastermind behind the war, which would be Sid playing on Maul's vengeance on being abandoned. 


11) Throw in clone war drama here to make CIS more an enemy, such as Ventress and killing of Jedi order peeps


12) Battle of Naboo should happen, but Grievous should be the one to die at Anakin's hands, maybe cause of Anakin's temper at seeing all the Jedi Griev has killed. Also this, show Anakin's vengeance in actions not words. The Sand People part was really well done in the first movie, but less words, more emotional pain. CIS gets a large loss from this. Dooku suspects Palpy by now, which why the invasion happened.


13) Maul Obi, Obi slowly diggs deeper into Maul's past and slowly learns about Sid, by now Obi is starting to agree with Dooku. 


14) Ani wanting to Save Padme is fair, make the Jedi council also slowly insult him though like with the Jedi Knight thing. One of the most powerful scenes in ROT for me was Anakin sitting alone in the chamber crying at his weakness of not being able to save anyone. Oh rewind, maybe Greiv kills Anakin's padawan. That would do it to push him over. First the sand people then Greiv, setting the trend.


15) Padme is supposed to be brilliant, make her see her husband's slow fall to the darkness but not want to believe it. Obi and Dooku will slowly start plotting against palpatine.


16) Palpy should slowly make good on his promise and teach Anakin so it's not all allure. Anakin's belittlement at the hands of the Jedi order, make him grow jealous of the time Padme and Obi spend together, all in all he slowly swears off love.


17) Palpy personally goes and deals with Maul, kill him maybe, but basically just remove him from power. Crime empire falls into incapable hands of Gunray who is basically sid's puppet. Jedi Order definitive strike against the crime empire, but heavy casualties. Obi gathers enough information by this time to implicate Palpy, Mace rushes back to Cour. to arrest Palpy. ROT plays out, Anakin kills Mace, and the stragglers left behind in Jedi temple.


18) CIS, largely recovered from Greiv's death heads over to cour. upon hearing about the sith's. Clones and Vader vs CIS. Yoda vs palpy should take place around the same time as Vader vs Dooku.


19) Dooku master plan takes place, Padme/Obi one of the two get the Death star plans and run while Dooku holds off Vader and Yoda palp. Dooku killed eventually, but as a hero who started the rebellion. Yoda does his ROT stuff. CID Jedi in full retreat or largely gone. Palpatine needing to tie up lose ends sends Vader to finish off speratist leaders who Maul sent to Mustafar.


20) Padme sees full extant of Anakin's crimes but still loves him and goes to Mustafar  to ask him to leave it all behind, Obi sneaks on board, badaboom, ROT ending. 


21) Rebels secretly have the Death Star plans thanks to dooku's sacrifice. Ani didn't just angst into Vader, his slow greed for power and anger made it happen


EDIT: To make Palpy more badass, make it so he was the one who slowly made Dooku fear the Jedi's fall and gave one of the most respected Jedi enough reason to leave knowing he'd take a bulk of the Jedi with him, thus prompting a need for the clone army. Windu being more warlike would further make Anakin fall away from the Jedi "peacekeepers"


Combined that with him thinking his Brother figure is having an affair with his wife, slowly corruption by palpy, rage issues. Anyone would crack.


Second Edit: 6 movies. Three being cramped was part of the problem

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Alternatively just don't have them written AND directed by Lucas; He can come up with clever story ideas, he just can't put them into practice in anyway shape or form. Nor can he write dialogue. Nor can he bring out the best of actors when directing. 

Actually, have them both written and directed by Lucas, just not alone. There was an entire team for the originals, not the second time around.

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People complain about the overuse of CGI and claim that all the scenes where done via green screen, actually there were plenty of sets that weren't computer generated. I think he way to improve the prequels is by making sure there are less "original prequel purists" within the star wars fandom. They are the equivalent of Pokemon genwunners and will complain about anything that isn't the prequels (which have their own flaws). If the original trilogy had CGI they wouldn't be complaining.

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Introduce Owen Lars. Make there be a reason for Owen to take in Luke because being the biological brother of a dude you only knew for a few hours before he went batshit nuts and massacred a tribe of sand people really doesn't sit well with me. Introduce him at some point, make him one of Anakin's friends, and might as well have him pilot Padme's ship when she tries to stop Anakin.

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