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[MtG] Challenge Deck | Don Thousand from Yu-Gi-Oh!


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I always enjoyed the absolute brokeness of Don Thousand and his Numeron cards. As a creator of Challenge Decks, I made one for him in the Magic: The Gathering card game. Here we go!



  • Don Thousand starts in the command zone with 20 loyalty counters. The challenge deck draws 7 cards and cannot mulligan.
  • If the challenge deck is attacked, the damage is redirected to Don Thousand in the command zone.
  • The challenge deck's cards have no casting cost, and thus cannot be cast.
  • If the challenge deck would gain or lose life, add or remove that many Loyalty Counters on/from Don Thousand.
  • If a challenge deck card would change zones due to an opponent's card or ability, it goes to the graveyard instead.
  • The challenge deck loses when Don Thousand has 0 loyalty counters.
  • The challenge deck wins when all opponents have 0 or less life.

[spoiler=Mythics (1-of)]





[spoiler=Rares (3-of)]





[spoiler=Uncommons (4-of)]





[spoiler=Commons (6-of)]






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