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Q&A Section Rules << UPDATED: 3/2/2017 >>

Flash Flyer - Sakura


1. All standard YCM rules apply


It should already be obvious, but in addition to the rules written here, the standard stuff applies. 


2. Things that are permitted in this section.


This section is intended for things related to YCM matters, including site policies and general forum functions, member favors, queries about cardmaking/wording and so forth. However, you're more than welcome to ask questions of any kind, provided they are forum-appropriate. Additionally, you may write forum tutorials if you so choose. 


Keep in mind that there are some sticky threads that should have commonly asked questions and the usual answers. If you're asking a question, do check it before making a thread. It has not been updated recently, but do have a look as chances are that someone else has asked in the past.


Do NOT use this section to ask if you or another member can be promoted to staff or ask when a banned member will return.


Any form of suggestions should be taken to the Comments & Suggestions section, which is right below this one.


3. Necrobumping rule


Do I really need to mention this?


If thread has no replies for 30+ days (with the exception of stickied threads), do not post in them.


4. Do not shitpost in Questions & Help


If you are going to post in a member's thread, make sure that you give them a straight response to what they are asking. Anyone who is found to be posting for +1's (offering no help to the member in question and posting for the hell of it) will be penalized for spamming. 



Rules are subject to change with/out notice.


If you have any questions, PM me.

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