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Dova's YGOPro Single Card Scripting!


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Alright, so this is a little thing I decided to make. Considering my knowledge of lua scripting, and how many people seem to want their cards in YGOPro, I thought I might do some coding for you!
NOTE: I am only doing scripting. I am not actually going to add your card to YGOPro, considering how hard it would be to then give it to you. Also I don't want to clutter up my YGOPro with custom cards, last time that happened it was a mess. Find out how to add the basic card to YGOPro in the first part of this thread, or alternatively here. (If the former, be sure to drop Sakura a rep for writing out such a good guide :3 )
So, all you have to do is post the effect and name of the card, and I will hopefully be able to give you a result when it comes to scripting. Only 1 request at a time from each person, and while I CANNOT GUARANTEE I WILL BE ABLE TO CODE IT, I will do my best. Also, please don't give me a card with a completely crazy effect, something YGO has barely seen. as I will probably be unable to do it.
No payment in points required, although a Rep would be nice ;3. Just post and I'll get around to it. Hopefully I can be of service!
ANOTHER NOTE: I dunno how long I can keep this up. I have holidays now, so I will be able to do stuff easily, but when school comes up again...yeah. I will post in this thread if I need to take a break, and won't just Dovanish.

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Please script this card for me.



Normal Spell Card

● If your opponent controls no cards in their Field Zone: Place 1 Field Spell Card from your Deck in your opponent's Field Zone.

● If your opponent controls a card in their Field Zone: Add 1 Field Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.


Thanks in advance. (:

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