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[Bad Idea] Some nonsense about a robot girl

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First I (vaguely) ripped off Fairly Odd Parents. Now I'll (vaguely) rip off another Nicktoon.

So there's this (teenage?) girl and her father, a brilliant scientist, dies. She never knew her mother and never really knew that much about her life, and often admits there's a few things that she's not too sure about her childhood.

It's just after her father's funeral and her father's... [friend? brother? sister? lab assistant?] comes to her house and tells her that her father had some important news that he could only share after his death.

The girl can't imagine what it is but... funk, you read the title? She's actually a robot.

Her "father" was the man who built her and, when she came too close to discovering the secret (or when she herself did discover it) her father would erase her memory.

"So, is this a comedy? Drama? Tragedy? something in between?"

That's where you guys come in. I had a bunch of ideas but... all would drastically change the tone or drastically change what the story was about. Also had to figure out how the mechanics of the robot girl worked.

"How does the robot girl work?"

I was split between three choices, and all have a sort of plot attached to them:

- The scientist made a 16 year old girl and implanted into her a lot of memories.
The plot would be she'd be a stuck up friendless weirdo who would now have to go to school or figure out her life or something

- The scientist made a baby-sized robot, then kept adding parts to her until she's now 16-looking
The plot would probably be more action-adventure ish. She'd become like a crime fighter or something or update parts. Vague and poorly thought out idea.

- The scientist made 16 different versions of the girl, one for each year she was alive. He transferred her memory over each time then turned off the robot, possibly forever
The plot I was most aiming towards making. Upon his death, he wanted all of his creations to be booted up one last time to say goodbye. The girls wake up, and get the news but now none of them really want to be powered off again. It's up to the eldest daughter, the 16 year old robot girl to figure out what to do with all of them now.

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So this is somewhere between Astro Boy and My Life as a Teenage Robot- plot wise for both of them.

Both series are fantastic; so this idea of yours is promising.

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