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YCMDPF Import Requests Thread

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In this thread you will be able to request cards to add to our pool of Konami Imports. To do so, please post the names of the cards you wish to import as well as a link to their Database page, or if such a page does not exist for the card yet, their Wiki page. As our format would like to focus on our customs a bit more than existing Konami themes, we would like to discourage the request of purely archetypical Konami cards or themes. You may still request them, but a higher priority will be placed on generic cards, or archetypical cards with a heavy generic focus (such as Empowered Warriors or cards like Machina Fortress). As of now, there will be no limit towards how many you may request at a time, but please keep your number of requests as small as you can.


Please look over our current list of imported cards to make sure you're not requesting something already submitted 


The Yugioh Card Database can be found here.


The Yugioh Wiki can be found here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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