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Come on Down to Ooze City!

Ivan Ooze

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Guys and girls, girls and guys!

Gather 'round an' feast your eyes!

I promise you all, you just can't lose

When you got your own supply of Ivan's Ooze!!


In all seriousness, no ooze around here this time. So this means no mind control, as the Mayor has strictly told me. Being a party-pooper more like it, but nevertheless, I submit to you lot of kids my little game!


Short and simple for this little game: a word scramble. All you have to do is unscramble the words/phrases that I give you.


Of course, like with any game, there are rules:

  • You post in here to say your interested, NOT to answer the scrambles. You'll also be posting in this thread to tell me you sent me your answer.
  • You'll need to message me personally with your answer for these scrambles.
  • You get one attempt of an answer per day.
  • Tickets (3) given out to those with right answers ONLY! Why would I give anything to those with a wrong answer? That's just crazy!
  • And of course...my little favorite rule: Each WRONG answer that's given will end up being put into a counter. Once the counter reaches 20...one of my Ectomorphicon Titans will be unleashed and awoken.

Seems easy, right? Now of course, you kids must be asking, what are the categories for these scrambles? Simple: Halloween, Villainy, Monsters, and even my own personal life. It's all you got to know. Also, slipped my mind! If you see a capital letter in the scramble, then it might be the first letter in the word...but if there are two of them, you'll have to figure out where each one will go!


You ready for some fun? Then come on down to Ooze City...and let's get STICKY!



Wrong Answer Count: 20/20 -> Hornitor Released

Wrong Answer Count: 0/20



1. rrTieckroTat -> Trick or Treat

2. s'iewcrtBhW -> Witch's Brew

3. iePoppsnolA -> Poison Apple

4. caeto-na-rJnLk -> Jack-o-Lantern

5. ooEaotfrZrdnl -> Zordon of Eltar

6. eMoardflinedOre -> Order of Meledian

7. otthEniroopcismncTa -> Ectomorphicon Titans

8. yykolcotSerpeSasnSok -> Spooky Scary Skeletons




[spoiler=Tickets Given]

Overall Totals

Skaia - 9 Tickets

' - 6 Tickets

Reptilious - 9 Tickets

Tesability Black - 18 Tickets

Hansel & Gretel - 6 Tickets

GarlandChaos - 3 Tickets

Broke. N - 9 Tickets



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Seems like five is all we get. Anyway, I ran a bit late from my 2 PM deadline...so without further ado!!


Let's start the scramble! I'll be keeping a record on the Wrong answers and what scrambles have been done! Remember! Message me privately for those answers!


Here's scramble number one! Make it easy for you lot! Now let's get sticky!!!


1st Scramble:


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I know you've already read it, but I sent an answer last night and I wanted to post in here to say that because that's what the OP says to do.


Good on you for doing that. It's actually pretty easy for me to see who's sent things and even easier to see in this thread.

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'finally waves the tiny white flag in a paw with eyes still being @ . @'


Already stumped? On one of the easy ones? Well this is interesting.


Then that's one for the wrong answers. I'm still waiting for the other one, the Spooky person, to send me a message. If they don't...that's another automatic wrong answer and I'll begin on the second scramble.

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Well then, I haven't seen any message from the last contestant for the first one. So with that said, that's another wrong answer point. Allow me to give you the answer to the first scramble: rrTieckroTat = Trick or Treat!


So far, the ones who have gotten their three tickets are as follows: Skaia, Reptilious, and '. So sorry to you, Tesability.


Now, let's pull out the second scramble!


2nd Scramble:


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I don't see that Reptilious or that Skaia fellow anywhere, so guess what? In order for us to keep the game moving, two more wrong answers! Anyway, guess what...here's the answer to the scramble: s'iewcrtBhW -> Witch's Brew!


Congrats to those who actually got it. You have your 3 tickets for this. Now for something unexpected: I'm tossing two scrambles at you at the same time! That's right, you send in an answer and you get a chance to win a total of 6 tickets. See? Aren't I a nice morphological being? ...if by nice you mean, slowly plotting to end humanity as it stands! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, kiddies, here are the next two scrambles!


Scramble #3:



Scramble #4:


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