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Tythe Scora

Gouki + Troymare (Deck help needed)

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I'm obviously super excited about Troymares and I wanted to see if I could build something around them.  I've got a general skeleton of the deck, but I feel like I'm missing some really obvious core pieces.


Numbers of cards are still up in the air, but cards that are bolded are ones that seem like definites.




3 Gouki Suprex - Necessary to get things out of your hand and going.

3 Gouki Octostretch - Level 1 makes it able to Summon out Linkuriboh which is the quickest means of getting the Troymare Co-Link stuff online.

1+ Gouki Twistcobra/Headbat - Other low level targets.  Enable Suprex to summon + gives more searches.


3 Red Resonator - Tuner status enables Needlefiber and also helps get stuff out of hand for opening plays.

1 GUB - Summonable off Needlefiber + another target for Linkuriboh.

1-2 Destroymare - Mostly because it helps start up the Troymare portion and is the only Summon for Mermaid.  Leaning more toward 2 since you can summon Mermaid off 1 and then summon out the second.

? Goblindbergh/Motivating Captain - Warriors that also help get stuff on the field.  All these Normal Summon trigger monsters are to benefit off of the additional NS Troymare Goblin gives.  Goblindbergh has the benefit of being a game opener and not negating effects while Captain is an additional level 1 while also touching on a potentially more plentiful resource anytime past (or even during) turn 1.

? Synkron Resonator - Level 1. Tuner.  Recycles Red Resonator even when being used for Link Summons.  Provides the Deck with more Resonator Call search targets.

1 Gofu - ...It's Gofu.

? Hand Traps - well, this is probably a definite, but first I need to get the remaining deck numbers before I decide on this.





3 Gouki Re-Match - Should be pretty self-explanitory

? Gouki Face Turn - Well, it should be solid to use, but without any kind of testing, I can't exactly think of how many I should run since it also depends on the numbers of the other Goukis run.

1 Soul Charge


1 141

3 Resonator Call - Grabs Red Resonator.

3 Instant Fusion - Lets me field a level 1 without going into my Normal Summon.

2-3 World Legacy Inheritor - Should be a definite, but I'd like a second opinion.

? Scapegoat - Not a definite because this deck REALLY focuses on getting down a dominant first turn board.  Getting this in hand in an opening turn means less cards to get your plays started which can't be afforded until you can establish a co-link.






6 Troymares


Thousand Eyes Restrict

Sea Monster of Theseus



[spoiler=Different idea directions]

- Phantom Knights: the big 3 "float" by banishing themselves from the grave.  Being Warriors, they're also searchable and with their "floating", you don't lose hand advantage off the Troymares' discards even if you cannot pull together a Co-Link.  Further, it opens up the use of Fog Blade to stop opponent counter plays.  Being a 12 card primarily discard-based engine though might be a bit much if I cannot actually begin my plays.

- B.A.: open with any 2 B.A. monsters and you can start with the B.A. Link and another B.A. monster once you dump Graff/Cir.  You don't lose your Normal Summon and you'd be able to quickly go into Goblin to start making further plays.  The deck would have to change to be more level 3-heavy, however (Marauding Captain over Goblindbergh and maybe making Gouki Twistcobra a 3-of).  Extremely heavy for being an "engine" though.

- Brilliant Fusion: Brilliant Fusion engine with a 3:2:2 ratio (Brilliant Fusion, Garnet, Trick Clown). 3:2:2 over a 3:1:1 because opening Garnet might not be bad as it'd enable Link Spider and Trick Clown can double as discard fodder for the Troymares.  Obviously, fielding Seraphinite would be best, but the numbers can be played around with.  Not sure on how overly beneficial this would be though.

- Grinder Golem: Need to rework the deck pretty much from the ground up with this card's inclusion because of both its massive Extra Deck investment and the fact that Goukis are Normal Summon reliant.  However, it does enable Troymares pretty much by itself.



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I have thought about it, but I'm not so sure I want to be running an engine that relies on the discards to make plays.  You can argue that Goukis are in the opposite boat: being good to be used as Link Material, but not good when discarded.  However, with Re-Match, being discarded actually enables Goukis to "swarm" the field early game even if only 1 was used for a Link Summon.  If I pushed the discarding theme a bit more (say, running Twin Twisters and/or Overdone Burial), I might consider Fableds, but with the skeleton now, I think it'd hurt consistency rather than boosting my plays.


Thanks though!



Decided to confirm Gofu, World Legacy Inheritor, and Instant Fusion.  Thinking about adding Sea Monster of Theseus as an IF Summonable Tuner to go into Needlefiber.

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I would recommend only 1 of Iblee tbh.


I would try 3 face-off and see if it clogs. If not then 2 is the min.


Goblin and Captain is a hard choice tbh, but you have enough LV 1 stuff what with the 3 of instant (which stealing with restrict and then linking is beautiful btw) so I would choose Goblin.


A single Synkron would suffice I think.


3 Inherit I believe.


Feel free to disregard any of this advice ofc.

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