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Is duel portal real? New Zodiac XYZ monster


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I've heard of a program that lets us use custom cards to duel? Something like dueling network but with my custom stuffs? Has anybody heard of this program?


Here's a Zoodiac card idea:



                Zoodiac Wytho


Rank 4 EARTH Beast-Warrior type monster 


3 level 4 "Zoodiac" monsters

While this card is attached to an xyz monster,
you can have that card gain 1500 ATK.  During
wither players turn you can have your opponent    
detach 1 xyz material from this card; xyz summon 
1 "Zodiac" Monster using this card as material.
FEBGAV                                        0ATK / 0DEF       
You can only summon this card with 3 of the main deck zodiac monsters which is hard to pull off and risky.  But the rewards exceed the downside. This adds a little more player interaction in a zoodiac duel.  This would also be an insane xyz reborn target, which unfortunately for the zodiac player is a terrible card against Infernoids, which this deck already has problems with.  But again, the card interaction makes sense for a deck that attaches monsters from the hand as material to xyz monsters you control.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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