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I need some serious help with my pure Shaddolls

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I'm super bad at building a deck, and I've never used Shaddolls before so I need a lot of help. This is not a complete deck, there are still 8 more cards I need to add. Also, I don't know how to screenshot, so I'll have to make do with a link. The goal of the Deck is to use the Shaddolls' grave triggers and Flip effects while setting up for something to lock down my opponent with, like Grysta or Shekinga.





Shaddoll Dragon x2

Shaddoll Falco x3

Shaddoll Beast x2

Shaddoll Hound x2

Shaddoll Squamata 

Shaddoll Hedgehog

Tindangle Angel (for that Flip effect to summon more Shaddolls)





Shaddoll Fusion x3

Nephe Shaddoll Fusion x2

Dark Magic Veil x3

Magical Dimension x2 (sends a Shaddoll to the GY and pops another one from my hand then blows something up? OOOOHHHHH BOI)

Allure of Darkness x2

Double Summon

Soul Charge

Veil of Darkness (extra draw + another Shaddoll to the GY)





Sinister Shadow Games x2

Purushaddoll Aeon

Shaddoll Core x2




I KNOW this deck sucks, but I have to start somewhere, so could you please give me some tips?

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