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Advanced Cards FAQ (Updated: 8/20/2018)

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This is a guide to this section in its entirety. It is NOT a design manual and exists to answer common non-rules based questions or things I did not explain clearly in the rulebook itself. 



What is Advanced Cards?
Like its name suggests, this is a section where you post cards that are properly designed and have the capacity to at least function in the current pool, while also being able to see their applications. As such, the designing and reply standards are higher than that of Casual Cards.
Before you post in here, look at the rulebook because that explains a lot of the stuff listed below in greater detail. 


Different sections?
When you come in here, you'll notice that there are four subforums in here. They are as following, and are meant for such.

  • Advanced Singles: This is technically the main Advanced Cards forum (when you first click on the link), and you post single card threads here.
    • You are currently reading this thread in Advanced Singles, as well as where you will view the rulebook and the OCG guide.
  • Advanced Multiples: Threads with 2 or more cards, with the exception of Ritual Monsters and their corresponding Ritual Spell, go here.
  • Archive Forum: Those of you from 2012-early 2013 may know this as the Multiple Written area when the place was split between written and non-written cards.
    • If you don't see your cards in the regular Multiples area, they are probably in here as archived threads.
  • Other TCG: Any cards that aren't Yugioh go here. Unlike the rest of the area, there is no Multiples section given the lower traffic.

What kind of stuff can I post in this section?

1. Properly designed cards


The concept of design is very subjective and depends on your perspective as a member and player. For common applications, this means making cards that adhere to the standards that Konami has set for the game and demonstrating that you know what's going on in the current state (either in the card pool and/or competitively) when you post. 


For Other TCG players, it's already assumed you know what you're doing design-wise.


2. Card erratas and anime/manga card porting

You are permitted to remake any card that has either not been released in the actual game or an existing one (either your take on what should’ve been done, how to get it off the banlist or move it up a bit). If posting an errata, please mention this in the thread title. Using the [Errata] tag is sufficient enough.

Just note that you do have to show significant changes from the original cards in terms of application and such, because they will be checked. Updating the OCG doesn't count.


(You may errata the original God cards in this section.)


3. Divine-Beast/Creator God or DIVINE-Attribute monsters, plus support thereof.


New Divine-Beast and Creator God-Type monsters are permissible in this section, however like everything that goes in here, you must justify the design with the appropriate notes and so forth.


What kind of stuff has to go to Casual Cards?


1. Fake Types and Attributes
Advanced is patterned off / designed for the actual game, so you cannot be using Types or Attributes that do not exist officially. Also note that the LAUGH Attribute is technically a joke attribute and cannot be used here. 


Excluding Divine-Beast and Creator God, you got 23 Types to choose from, and the main 6 Attributes. 

2. Experimental concepts
Same as #2 in this section; if the concept doesn't exist (as in official abilities, subtypes, mechanic), it needs to go into Experimental to avoid any ruling issues in figuring out how they'd work.


Newly revealed official stuff like summon mechanics should be in there too, unless we have enough information to make an informed review on how stuff works.

3. Joke/OP'd cards



Anything that is intentionally busted (or is obvious that no work is put in) must be posted in this section.


How am I supposed to post my cards?
It's noted in the rulebook, but at a bare minimum, you do need to put the effects underneath if you use pictures.


Never assume members can read directly off the card.
In the event that images go out (which they sometimes do because Imgur or whatever host is down) or Imgur is unviewable in certain institutions/countries, it helps to have the rest of the info underneath, like name, Type, Attribute, Level/Rank/Link, etc.
This is a template that I use, but you may modify it or post it your own way as deemed necessary. Just make sure you have all the required info. 


Level/Rank | Attribute | Spell/Trap Type | Monster Type | Subtype
Pendulum Scale
Link Markers
ATK/DEF / Link Number
Effect(s) / Flavor Text


The Advanced Clause is in the rulebook. What is that?
Basically, it is a required posting standard that all members must abide by when in this section. It generally boils down to explaining your thought process, both as a designer and a reviewer. 


What kind of mentality should I have for this section?
Topic creator

Remember that Advanced is geared more for a competitive atmosphere and making cards work in here. That doesn't mean stuff must be designed for tournaments, but rather you should design with the current game in mind, given how much has changed over the years.

You're not going to have perfect cards when you come in here, because design is subjective and based on the type of effects and playstyles that people are exposed to. Some members may be more tolerable of certain styles than others. Additionally, you cannot come in here with the mentality that you're a better cardmaker than everyone else in this section. This encourages elitism, and is one of the reasons this section lacks fresh blood.

Be willing to accept critique (or rather, you must be able to take critique). While it is ultimately your decision on how to proceed with your cardmaking, you must, at a bare minimum, be receptive to critique and not just shrug off user's comments because they're suggesting a design you don't want to. If you receive a review, be thankful that members gave you a review, and well, actually thank them for their time (either verbally say it, or just like their posts).


Members will be more inclined to drop a comment on your stuff in the future if you actually listen to critique and show you're grateful for them.

Don't be a jackass and be demeaning to a member because their card design isn't great. While you can be more critical due to how Advanced is structured, do not have your review border on personal attacks towards thread creators. Reminder that personal attacks are against the rules already and shall be harshly punished, 


While you may have a different level of tolerance towards certain playstyles, including whatever may be present in a user's cards, please try to grade from a general perspective as much as possible.


You're allowed to compliment users too; doesn't always have to be technical comments.

Do I have to be a metagame expert to post in this section?




However, you do need to be aware of what cards exist / see common play at present in addition to recent additions from both ends; TCG and OCG. While Custom Cards is catered more towards the TCG side because nearly all of you play this format, you should also know about what gets released in Japan, since they do end up here eventually. 


If you aren't up to speed with current trends and what's come out, it's advised you look around the TCG section (or use YGOrganization, etc.) a bit to see a sample of the game before you come in here.


(Newer members, you're always welcome here in here, but make sure you can handle it.)




Most of the regular members should be familiar with how things are run in here, but it never hurts to ask if there's something that requires clarification.


If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than happy to answer. 

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