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Tythe Scora

Highlander Format Deck

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Eh, thought I'd post my 60-card highlander deck here just because it managed to win 3 duels in a row yesterday against non-highlander decks (4 wins out of 5 duels... somehow).


Monsters (25):

  • Star Destroying Kaiju
  • Lightningstrike Kaiju
  • Orbital Hydralander
  • Mad Flame Kaiju
  • Mystery Dust Kaiju
  • Sea Turtle Kaiju
  • Multidimensional Kaiju
  • Sticky String Kaiju
  • Destrudo
  • Fairy Tail - Rella
  • Fairy Tail - Snow
  • Fairy Tail - Luna
  • Armageddon Knight
  • Witch of the Black Forest
  • Aleister the Invoker
  • Summoner Monk
  • Mathematician
  • Fiendish Rhino Warrior
  • Tour Guide
  • Sangan
  • PK Ragged Gloves
  • Scarm of the BA
  • PK of Ancient Cloak
  • PK of Silent Boots
  • Eater of Millions

Spells (23)

  • Instant Fusion
  • Galaxy Cyclone
  • Raigeki
  • RotA
  • One Day of Peace
  • Pot of Desires
  • Dark Hole
  • Soul Charge
  • Upstart Goblin
  • Terraforming
  • Invocation
  • Foolish Burial
  • Monster Reborn
  • Night Beam
  • Kaiju Slumber
  • MST
  • Twi Twi
  • Supply Squad
  • Legacy of the Duelist
  • Wonder Wand
  • Magical Meltdown
  • Dragon Ravine
  • Magical Mid-Breaker Field

Traps (12)

  • Storming MF
  • PK of Mist Claws
  • Heavy Storm Duster
  • Quaking MF
  • OG MF
  • Dust Tornado
  • Blazing MF
  • Metaverse
  • PK Fog Blade
  • Solemn Strike
  • Solemn Warning
  • Solemn Judgment


Extra (14)

  • Each Invoked Fusion (Except Elysium)
  • Thousand Eyes Restrict
  • Borreload Dragon
  • Saryuja
  • Decode Talker
  • Knightmare Goblin
  • Linkuriboh
  • Knightmare Cerberus
  • Knightmare Phoenix


Though mostly a showcase, I did kinda want to improve it a bit.  Biggest things was maybe editing the extra deck a little and finding replacements for the Destrudo engine (since I was running Ancient Fairy Dragon when I first created it)/removing the Destrudo engine entirely for something else.


Other stuff:

  • Rella feels fairly underwhelming.  Its only use is fetching Wonder Wand for extra draw power.  Considering replacing it with the Prophesy Engine...
  • Magical Mid-Breaker Field is... there.  I don't think I've ever actually used it and it does little but secure some low-power plays.  I'd prefer another field spell to replace it, but none seem generally useful enough for my purposes.  Maybe SPYRAL Resort?


The deck itself has a few go-tos.  It uses the level 3s (both the fiends and the PKs) to put monsters on the field for easy Link plays, and it tries to get to Invoker as quickly as possible for Fusion plays.  Most everything else are either one-of power cards (the Kaijus, Hydralander, Eater of Millions, Raigeki, etc.) or little engines to increase consistency as high as possible (Fairy Tail/Wand, and (formerly) Destrudo > AFD > Magical Meltdown).



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