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Flash Flyer - Sakura

+ YCM Card Workshop Rules + << UPDATED: 10/3/2018 >>

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While this section is considerably less regulated than the rest of Custom Cards (and even Casual where you're reading this), yeah, still gotta enforce some rules. 


This is mostly common sense stuff, but do look it over briefly. 




1. General site rules apply.


This one is self-explanatory, so...yeah, follow stuff in this thread


2. Follow the internal game rules (if any)


Most of these threads will probably have certain rules you need to follow, like "only give 1-2 specifics" as to make it as open as possible. 


Please follow them.


3. Image policy


Yeah, don't go over the PG-17 threshold and post adult/explicit content.

Please remember that I am under obligation to permaban anyone who posts adult content here, so...don't do it.


If you have questions about an image being permissible, please ask. I'd rather have you check it with me and be safe, as opposed to posting it and likely getting penalized (either by me or one of the other mods if I'm offline/busy at the time).


4. Don't complain about the prompts or member's attempts at it.


Recall that this is supposed to be a fun environment where you are given some baseline to work with for creating a card(s), and that members do not all share the same mentality in card design. 


Now, if you don't like the requirements given for a certain game at the time, you are more than welcome to simply skip it until a more favorable one comes up.


We also have a lot of other games you can do in the interim.


So yeah, be respectful to members and their attempts, and you'll be fine.


5. Please try to actually do the prompts and don't skip the post.


Taking into account the nature of these games, you may get ninja'd from time to time. However, if this is the case, just do the next member's requirements and be done with it; even if you don't like them. As noted above, all you have to do is just make something that addresses the requirements and it's fine. There is no requirement that it has to be "good". 


Please remember that post count is ENABLED in this section, and as such, I want the skipped posts to be kept to a minimum.

If these were still in Games, you could get away with it. 


6. All cards should follow existing mechanics, unless otherwise specified.


Self-explanatory, don't make up your own custom mechanics / Types / abilities / Attributes, etc in the threads unless otherwise permitted.


There may be a thread where you can brainstorm a new mechanic or something together, but it is not foreseen at the moment.


7. Bumping rules


Given the smaller size of this section with regards to how things are structured, there is no necrobumping period.


If a thread is dead, you can bump it up at any time; regardless if it's your thread or not. 




Like everything else, such rules may be subject to updates at any time as I deem appropriate based on activity / behavior. However I don't think it will be necessary for a good while, if ever.


Aside from the obvious, there aren't any technical rules that need to be known or things that aren't already covered elsewhere. So...just continue as you normally would if these were still in the Games section.


Please ask if you have questions.

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Added a new rule #6 pertaining to custom mechanics and whatnot.


Unless otherwise specified (i.e. there's a game thread where you theorycraft stuff), keep any/all designs you make in the threads within existing standards of Konami design. Basically, don't make up your own custom mechanics and whatnot.


(You are perfectly allowed to break fan conventions like the BEWD rule and whatnot, but it's expected you at least keep things within an acceptable power level).



Also reminder to keep /skip posts to a minimum (as in clarification posts).


Hopefully I don't have to reduce post count or issue other punishments, but they will be handed down if necessary. (For the most part, it should just result in a verbal warning.)



Again though, ASK if you have any questions/concerns about rules in this section.

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