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Maeriberii Haan

[CFV Standard] V-Tachikaze

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Man, Tachi is super expensive now.


Grade 0 (17):

x1 Dragon Egg

x4 Archbird (Draw, Perfect Guard)

x1 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo

x4 Savage Shaman (Heal)

x4 Black Cannon Tiger (Crit)

x3 Savage Aggressor (Crit)


Grade 1 (13):

x4 Vicious Claw Dragon Laceraterex

x4 Winged Dragon, Skyptero

x4 Sonic Noa

x1 Winged Dragon, Beamptero


Grade 2 (10):

x2 Savage Raider

x4 Assault Dragon, Blightops

x4 Ravenous Dragon, Megarex


Grade 3 (10):

x4 Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex

x4 Tyrant, Deathrex

x2 Savage King


Trigger is where I'm most iffy at. I haven't been able to test much, but I think Kagero and OTT would be my primary concern. I think Front would help push me through OTT's stack of cards and clinch the match up, but it just sound meh against Kagero.


As much as Tachi eats through the deck, I really can't justify not running draws. Getting Gigarex or any of the primary combo cards fast is super vital. Kinda considered to run 5 or 6 draws, even. Attempt Mammoth is something that I really wanted to use, but the G2 slot is too tight already with Megarex and Blightops being amazing and Raider being a solid enabler.


But yeah, still only just returned, so I don't have much idea on what I'm doing here.

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cut fronts, they're kinda redundant and crits do the job way better considering deathrex, megarex and savage king gets up to ridic numbers.


streamline g2 lineup a bit, cut the mammoth for a second savage king and bring up g3 count to 10, and maybe cut the third raider to play 13th grade 1, beamptero is fine. basically the deck does dig enough to consistently see your stuff but you need to mull aggressively to get your laceraterex early. 

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prioritize crits over fronts as already said, unless you want to go 2 g0 pg and 2 g1 pg like some builds have done with great success already. other than that it looks reasonably standard, you can cut the attempt mammoth for another card because honestly that card is some booty in standard

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Alright, updated build according to the suggestions. Was at first hesitant on running the second King, but running 2 makes getting him more consistent at least for the King-Deathrex play.


Any tips regarding the Kagero and OTT matchup, as well as what other match ups should I be very concerned with?

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