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+ Custom Card Decks Rulebook + << UPDATED: 8/31/2018 >>

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Welcome to the Custom Card Decks area. 


Please read over the following rules and guidelines before posting your Deck in this section.




1. All general YCM rules apply. 




Anything written in here also applies in addition to the section specifics. Infractions will be punished the same way they would be elsewhere.



2. Standard of posting.


When posting your Deck, you need to do the following.


A. Provide written decklist and link to all relevant custom cards.


Do not expect that members will know what your cards do. Unlike TCG/OCG which has somewhat regulated pool and have easier access to their information, customs do not have this. 


(You may post a screenshot from Duel Portal or YGOPro, but written lists are also required.)


It is preferred that you have the custom cards here and can link to the appropriate threads without having members go to another site to view your stuff. Linking to the Duel Portal Wikia and/or personal Wiki/Fandoms is permissible.


For custom card formats, a list of the other cards that exist in them is also appreciated (but not required). Having this allows members to have a better idea of what you're building for, and cater it more towards it as opposed to a TCG/OCG oriented suggestion.


B. Put the format name somewhere in your post (or in thread title).


Because this section caters to other formats as well, you must tag it so members know where this is going to be used in. Below is a general list of stuff. 


These are not the only format tags, though I do not foresee any new ones coming up at this time.



[TCG]: Stuff that takes into account the current Forbidden & Limited Card Lists for TCG. 


[OCG]: Stuff that takes into account the current Forbidden & Limited Card Lists for OCG (i.e. Japan).


For both of these lists, any TCG/OCG cards, regardless if they have been released on the other side at the time you post the Deck is permitted. If you are playing in an earlier format or modified banlist, make sure you note that [though I warn you that it may decrease the chances of members giving you any feedback]


[AGM]: Archetype Generator Meta.


You may find a list of all cards in the first post of the AGM club (albeit as thread links) as well as any threads tagged with AGM (for most part). Generics may be found in Advanced Multiples as a sticky.


Please note that Decks in here are usually made under Master Rule 3, though there are exceptions.


[PAC]: Pokémon Archetype Meta.


Currently under construction due to limited pool and Pokémon-exclusive cards.


[DPR]: Duelist Port Royal.


[DP]: Duel Portal format


If/when we get a new one here, or you're designing for the "unofficial" format that exists on the Discord (for those of you who are there), use this tag.


(There's over 100K cards at the moment, albeit some of them are probably TCG imports or duplicates.)



C. Have a meaningful title for your Deck.


Basically, just name your thread something relevant to the Deck and not some clickbait.


You may be descriptive with the title, but keep it forum appropriate and to the point. Even the Archetype name on its own is fine.


D. Note what Master Rule this Deck is to be used in.


One year later, and the change to Master Rule 4 still does not sit well with some of you, which is fine. However, know that Custom Cards runs on Master Rule 4 as standard, so those of you designing for an ARC-V format, you must note this.


You may write it in the thread title, similar to how the normal area does it; or explicitly mention this in the thread so it is clear.




tl;dr, make sure you have a written deck list, noted what format / Master Rule you're playing this in and named it appropriately.



3. Posting a Deck constitutes an acceptance to receive comments & critique.


As the title says, by posting your Decklist in this section, you agree to allow for members to comment on your Deck and offer respectful critique & feedback as necessary.


Moreover, you must also take said critique in a mature manner and do not lash out at members. Do not lash out at other members.


If you do not want feedback, then don't post a Deck thread in here.



4. Advanced Clause & Constructive Criticism




When you review a member's Deck, make sure you give adequate critique so they can actually improve their Decks with it. For instance, do something like "why running [x] copies is good/bad in this Deck", "why you should run [Card Y] as a generic staple/enabler, etc.", "this card doesn't fare well in the presence of [Card Δ]"


While compliments are permitted, you cannot just write "cool Deck" or something. There is no word requirement, but it is generally expected you can write at least 40-50 words; maybe more.


Much like in the regular card area, this doesn't give you a license to be a jackass towards users. You must retain civility at all times while in this section.




Please note that this section is NOT for reviewing the custom cards themselves, but rather, do the cards work well enough in the Deck or should things be repaired.


It is assumed that cards in your Decks are balanced on their own, or not poorly designed.



5. Custom mechanics are permitted


Experimental Cards (such as custom Types, Attributes, summon mechanics, etc) are permitted, however you must explain how things work.


Linking to the threads with your cards in them should be sufficient enough.




More rules will be added as this section matures and the need for adjustments arises.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything written in this thread, please feel free to PM me.


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