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YUGIOH NEEDS MORE PRETTY [Madolche Declaration]


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Madolche Declaration

Normal Spell

If you control 6 Fairy "Madolche" monsters with different names: Neither player takes damage until the End Phase of the next turn, then at the start of your next turn, you win the Duel.




Basically a better version of the Six Shinobi, but with the added flavor of being cute and full of princesses. Also Puddincessoeur is the 6th Fairy Madolche, and I felt like that was significant.

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This is a casual card for sure. Why is it in Advanced Section? xD

Anyway, not much to say. A gimmicky alternate win condition for Madolches. Good luck with fielding the 6 Fairy Madolches. Puddincessoeur helps a lot with that goal. Also it further helps that this is searchable by Madolche support.

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