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Trickstars Sept 2018


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So this is the deck I'm currently running:



3 Candina

3 Lycoris

2 Lillybelle

3 Ash

3 Droll

2 Veiler



3 Shared Ride

3 Light Stage

2 Terraforming

2 Scapegoat

2 Pot of Desires

2 Called by the Grave

1 Monster Reborn



3 Reincarnation

2 Strike

2 Evenly Matched

1 Warning

1 Judgment


Extra: 15

2 Holly Angel

1 Kagari

2 Link Spider

1 Hip

2 Proxy Dragon

1 Cerebus

1 Phoenix

1 Unicorn

1 Decode

1 Firewall

1 Borrelsword

1 Borreload


Probably needs work, but doing fairly well. Thinking about throwing in Shared Ride, but not sure what to drop.

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I run 2 Lillybelle just in case one gets banished via Desires or my opponent's CbtG.  I have had issues with that.


I haven't really considered Gozen Match, but how good is it, really?  Also, I don't have the Mekk-Knight engine, and probably won't get it, but would the Cydra/Gozen thing work without them?


My most frequent match-up is my friend's Sky Striker Trickstar deck, so more hard counters to that would be nice.

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