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Harpie Lady Sisterhood


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So here's my first thread!

I tend to get nostalgic, so a lot of my cards will be based on old series' and archetypes. Mostly just trying to "fix" what Komoney won't. (Looking at you "Red-Eyes Fusion").

(Image card text now incorrect.)



Harpie Lady Sisterhood

WIND / Winged-Beast / Link / Effect

ATK/ 1950 / Link -3

Link Arrows: Left, Right, Down. ( ← ↓ → )


3 "Harpie Lady" monsters

(This cards name is always treated as "Harpie Lady Sisters"). When this card is Link Summoned; Add 1 Spell/Trap that specifically lists "Harpie Lady Sisters" in its text from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn; You can Special Summon 1 "Harpie" Dragon monster from your hand, Deck or GY. Twice while on the field, if this card would be destroyed by a card effect, it is not. During your Battle Phase, this card can attack thrice -1 (for each time this card was not destroyed due to its own effect). You can only activate this effect of "Harpie Lady Sisterhood" once per turn.



Okay, so there's a lot of text, I get it. It's throwing me off, too!

I thought I'd roll this in Casual Design because it does have a LOT going on, but I ALWAYS try to balance a card in a way that it would be suitable for both forums, and the overall TCG we love.

I did struggle a bit wording the final effect (attacks 3x-1 for each time it protected itself). Closest I could think to what few similar cards we have.


[spoiler=Why:]Harpies are a fave (my GFs, actually). With the latest support focusing on Mai's "Sisters" play I was hoping for a retrain, but alas. The deck CAN play Sisters, but Sisters can brick (same with Pet Dragon). This isn't so much a replacement, but more another, and possibly more reliable "Sisters" to play, as well as. I felt the deck needed maybe just 1 final card the cemented it all together.


[spoiler=Card Design:]The Link Summon lets you grab "Triangle Ecstasy Spark", so your "Perfumer" can grab either "Mirrors" or "Elegant Harpie", so you have another search in the turn (because End Phase +4 wasn't enough!) Being only 1950 and requiring 3 monsters*, it is incredibly weak! To pay a sort of homage to the anime, it can attack 3 times, and it gets 2 saves from effect destruction.**

While a bit controversial maybe, I thought the low ATK and Harpie playstyle balanced with the multi-attack effect.

Finally, the Sisters aren't strong, and Harpies don't have much monster removal, so they need a beater to try and clear the way, so they call upon their "Pet Dragon" (who would be at 2900 ATK per Sisters essentially treating themselves as 3 Ladies, via effect).


The arrows were originally all pointed down, but I realised while this did allow you to utilise the Rank 4 toolbox, or Links, this gave Sisters very little reason to be rez'd. The change was made to focus on a card working for the archetype, not the toolbox, so, point down, and then left and right, for some flexible Extra Deck plays later, while still giving the card layout a fitting "trio" look. (Each sister taking point, literally).

I think this card allows the Deck to push more summons with some payoff for it, and associate with the new support, rather than swarming with small Level 4s and/or a Rank 7/Galaxy Tomohawk (which is still viable).


I personally quite like this card, but let me have it! What do you reckon?

(Again, sorry for the text).


UPDATE!! I taking into consideration how clunky the text is, I've since removed the Dragon boost, and updated the Special Summon to extend to all "Harpie" Dragons, not just the big momma! ("Pet Baby" does need some love!)


* ("Sisters" original ATK, and they're a trio)

**(In the anime, Egotist actually summoned 2 other "Harpie Lady"s, so this attacks 3 times alike 3 Harpies attacking. To avoid destruction, imagine losing one Sister after another, one by one. Mandatory, because they're that tight).

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Wow, this does a lot. I count 5 effects there if you split the protection from the multiple attacks, but they cancel each other so in a way it counts as 1? IDK. Anyway, maybe scrap the stat boost for the Pet Dragons? it feels like an overkill, after all. It would be neat if it supported the Pet Baby Dragon too, for potential Rank4 plays and whatnot.


With the stat boost gone, the rest should be fine.

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Boost for Harpies Pet is because they're not technically 3 Harpie Lady's on the field, but should be treated as such, but maybe I am trying to make too much of the relation. Seemed easier than having it be both Harpies Lady and Sister by effect. You're right, it is a lot. It does look glaring. If I removed the multi attack and protection it would be a little less worthwhile I think. Problem with trying to finish a series with a single card (to avoid an archetype/series having too ma y cards).

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