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Ask your Champion Anything! Also known as the Satan AMA

Mark Hercule Satan

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How would a match between you and @@Mike Tyson go?

From one champion to another, I have nothing but respect for Mike. He's a great man, and he boxes, which from what I can observe, is a lot harder to overcome than the martial arts I usually fight. He's also a smart man, having his own detective agency. But, in the end, I was the one that defeated the God of Destruction Beebus, and not him. 


So I think it'll be a close fight, but in the end, your Universal Champion will keep his title. 

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Why did you steal All-Might's line in your introduction? Also, why are you NOT the hype?

I stole nothin'. Stop trying to spread libel! And I am indeed the hype!



What's with your hair? kod62z0.png?1


Are you some kind of sea urchin or something? kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1 Gotta say though, you're totally rockin' it!


Ah, thank you! This hairstyle is called an afro! I just think it looks good on me, personally.

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Is that why Cell knocked you around like a sack full of puppies?



​Obviously, I was playing around to give my opponent confidence. 


Wow, Mr. Satan here. We are pretty blessed. Can we expect any your motley saiyan crew to come join us as wel?

I don't know myself. They're probably off doing more of their trick training. I hope I can get Majin Buu here though. We'll see.


So uh, why are you a level 1 monster exactly?

Because I am number 1, obviously.

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Huh...that sounds really...I dunno if there's a word for dumb and smart.


Favorite type of martial arts?




Anyways, I like Capoeira. It's cool how they dance.


So, after your appearance on the web show Death Battle, did you ever go back to listen to the commentators' rundown on your life, and that of your opponent?


I did not. I know my own life, after all. 


How about a round of BUTT boxing?


I'm not familiar with the rules, you'll have to tell me how we do it.


Ain't this sad, a human claiming to be the boss? If this don't crack ya up, I don't know what will.

Hey now, I don't think I'm the boss. I'm the champ! Far above any boss!

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How's the cruise?


It's nice, thank you very much. I'm about to go take a nap now though. I need to enjoy this cruise just as much as I need to protect the people on it!


Oh it's quite simple. It's exactly like boxing, except with our BUTTS!


So I did some research for the sake of it, and do you mean something like this?



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