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[Written] Nepsred Summoner


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Level 5 - 1400/2100


(This card is also treated as Psychic-Type.) Once per turn, you can activate one of these effects:

●Discard 1 Ritual Spell card, add 1 "Fusion" Spell card from your Deck to your hand.

●Discard 1 "Fusion" Spell card, add 1 Ritual Spell card from your Deck to your hand.

If you activated any of these effects; you must Ritual or Fusion Summon a monster using this card as material this turn, or take 1500 damage.


(Currently, this archetype has single member -this fellow-. If you have any constructive criticism or a suggestion, feel free to post here.)

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Well isn't this an eclectic fellow?



Not sure what the intent of dual Typing is, but as it stands the Spellcaster half is what makes this somewhat playable with its stats in mind and the current existing card pool. Here, but a few things of what the DARK/Spellcaster typing has to offer:

The Level 5 Tuner bit is also unique, but without knowing what the archetype has to offer, the Level 5 part may very well hinder it as it needs a Tribute, Dark Magic Veil, etc. Usually this will already -1  in advantage.





[spoiler=Effect: Search Fusion"]

Now as for its effects in relation to what it has to offer to the existing card pool, it can notably search 2 pretty impactful generics on the Fusion side:

Brilliant Fusion would mitigate the -1 issue the card faces that is for sure.




[spoiler=Effect: Search Ritual]As far as Ritual stuff goes... Most are not something to write home about as Ritual Spells in most cases would further minus your net resources. However, there is one that stands out for what it is worth, but it requires you to run Norms:




[spoiler=Conclusion]Ultimately, design wise it comes down to this: If you are searching for a Spell  that further minuses your net resources... Getting this guy out may very well not be worth it as he already -1. So it is something to consider when making the archetype.


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