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Grimm's Home of Unsung Legions (10 Nights of Fright 2018: Card #3)

Black D'Sceptyr

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[spoiler=Grimm's Home of Unsung Legions: Info]

Continuous Trap Card


Lore: You can activate this card from your hand by paying half your LP. If the effect of a card whose effect was previously activated that turn is activated: Place 1 Ghoul Counter or 1 Grimm Counter on this card. Once per turn, if the effect of a monster is activated: You can remove up to 2 counters from this card; apply the appropriate effect(s), depending on the type of counter(s) you removed.

• Ghoul: All cards on the field and in the GYs are unaffected by that effect, also draw 1 card.
• Grimm: Banish that monster when its effect resolves.




This tale goes toward a certain untold part of the Black Plague that swept through Europe and took a third of its populace in the grisliest of fashions.


See, a certain caravan looked to treat 'special' victims of the plague, those that had not fully lost minds or families to the disease. At first, it was considered a service-it extended the lives of those treated under its watch, and seemed to literally travel through towns at breakneck speeds. In fact, crowds joined the subscription service behind it - known as Grimm's Home for Unsung Legions, as the vaccines used in this caravan were top secret and given only to those who would not reveal its secrets. 


However, the truth of this caravan's apparently selfless mission came to light when those members of the service re-contracted the plague, in a virulent new form that literally turned their skin bubbling pitch-black. Worse yet they either ended up taking out entire cities in when they self-destructed, or directing hordes of Black-Plague afflicted compatriots into the homes of royals to take countless vauluable treasures and children, never to be seen again.


Turns out, GHOUL was made to produce its namesake-it turned its partakers, after their administration of the vaccine and a short reprieve period to regain their minds, into single-minded ghasts. Instead of shutting up inside homes, these monsters were created to spread the plague in places of their greatest regrets and revenge upon the society in their final moments.


GHOUL had turned into a destructive cult, and it took several thousand warriors-as well as an alleged foray into mystical arts not revealed, even today-to drive the GHOULS into extinction.


Dr. Grimm, the creator of the super-plague, was never found. And with the notes of the incident suppressed as to prevent a panic at the thought of so evil an entity coming so close to destroying an entire continent and possibly still alive today, the only proof of the macabre industry is in this Trap Card. This is the third card of the 10 Nights of Fright, and now its story is told in full. 


nOw WhO'd lIkE a BotTlE oF OuR NeW LeGiOn'S tOnIc? It'S gUaRaNtEeD tO mAkE yOu a NeW mAn. As lOnG aS YoU kEeP YoUr ToNgUe fRoM FlApPiNg fOr OnE wEeK.


Until the next card? Reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

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This looks terribly slow. It's a creative and amusing card, but relying on repeated effects in such way... I can only imagine it being played in planned mirror matches just for fun, in a casual level, because even in tier 0 format situations, I would be too slow and situational to do anything.

A suggestion I can think of is instead getting counters from card/effects that have been previously activated during the current duel, instead of just the current turn. That ought to let it generate counters much faster. And then you would have to balance the counter effects accordingly.

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