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The Agent of Apocalypse (10 Nights of Fright Card 2018: Card #4)

Black D'Sceptyr

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The Fourth Night of Fright involves a twisted edge to the tale of a Worlds winning Archetype.


She now is known as the necessary evil, the right hand of ruin....or more simply...




[spoiler=The Agent of Apocalypse: Info]

DARK/Fairy-Type Tuner Effect Monster/Level 8/2100 ATK/2700 DEF


Lore: You can target 1 Level 6 or lower Fairy monster (Quick Effect); Special Summon this card from your GY, and if you do, that monster becomes Level 5, also this card loses 1 Level for every 500 original ATK that monster has. You can only use this effect of "The Agent of Apocalypse" once per turn. All Level 5 or higher Fairy monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle. All Level 5 or lower Fairy monsters cannot be destroyed by card effects. If this card is banished: You can banish 2 monsters on the field, including a Fairy monster (1 on each side), and if you do, add this banished card to the hand.




Rejection from a treasured group can be devastating-having to find your own way once more, without your support network, and wondering what will come that had to end up replacing you, if at all. For the entity formerly known as the Agent of Arbitration, the loss of her status triggered a loss of mind. Eventually, she settled on a new goal - repaying destitution with destitution. She set out to destroy her fellow Agents, utilizing her far superior defenses to take away their advantages, and eventually reaching a crucial stalemate with her brothers and sisters. Even the great Master Hyperion's ability failed in the face of her ability to negate destruction ability, simply by turning Jupiter and Uranus's power to shield herself from his own. 


This situation, of course, needed a stronger solution than endless warfare. 


And so, a deal with a devil was struck. 


The Agents knew of the potential for abuse of power, having attained the highest powers in the year 2012 and soon after losing Zerato and the ever-curious Forbidden Item-seizing angel of Solemn, and since they could not beat their former agent, they had to join with her-under stringent conditions. For when there was an issue not even the Agents could solve, a call to the underworld and a temporary sacrifice of one of their own brought forth their equally powered nemesis turned WMD. So was the revenge of the agent once thought unfit, now needed doomsday switch. So was the revenge....


...of the Agent called Pluto.


Till the next card folks.


BD'S, signing off.

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If it's supposed to be Pluto, you may as well include it in the card name xD


". If this card is banished: You can banish 2 monsters on the field, including a Fairy monster (1 on each side), and if you do, add this banished card to the hand."


I don't quite understand the PSCT there. If it's 1 on each side, then doesn't that mean it requires 2 Fairy monsters? In that case, you can simplify it as "You can banish 2 Fairy monsters on the field". Unless you meant "1 Fairy monster (in either side of the field)".


Anyway, card looks great. Get it in the GY and you get free Summons and play a bit like Destrudo. Reminds me of Nebra Disk, although Nebra locks your Summons while this doesn't have any kind of restriction. You may need to look into that, IDK. Then, get it banished, and it can potentially remove cards while coming back for pluses and fun. Overall it's good IMO. Even with Venus and Link laddering plays, Agents still underperform, so this would be a welcomed push.

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