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Shorn & Sheared (10 Nights of Fright 2018: Card #6)

Black D'Sceptyr

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And now for something completely the same from the BlaDeS of Change Workshop, a card counterpart. 




[spoiler=Shorn & Sheared: Info]

Normal Trap Card


Lore: Switch the original ATK/DEF of all face-up Special Summoned monsters currently on the field. Then, destroy cards on the field, up to the number of Special Summoned monsters your opponent controls whose ATK did not change by this effect. If you control no cards, you can activate this card from your hand. You can only activate 1 "Shorn & Sheared" per turn.




This time, it's a reverse of "Shield & Sword", turned into a super Handtrap-trap. and really, the story by this one is a killer one. 




yadda yadda yadda soldiers vs samurai


yadda yadda yadda samurai get an idea


yadda yadda yadda here come dat mage to strip away all armor and SHIELDS


yadda yadda yadda now let's check in after the struggle and oh my god this should probably come with a label now this is getting out of hand right here


until the next card then, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

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The pop effect is too specific, but ought to be effective where it works. I guess it's at best a matchup call if an archetype/deck with monsters with equal ATK/DEF ever dominates the meta. I would say it's good vs. decks with monsters with big differences between their ATK and DEF, but that's still situational, and it wouldn't affect Links anyway.


fake edit:

Hold on... it would actually affect Links through the 2nd effect, since their ATK wouldn't change. That's actually sick, damn. Really, I dare to say this is so close to being a staple, except vs. the handful of decks that don't rely on Links.

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